Panzer Dragoon Orta is coming

Last year there was an announcement of a new Panzer Dragoon game and it was confirmed during the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2002 in the US, that the game was nearing completion. The game is called Panzer Dragoon Orta, currently I don’t know why but they never numbered any game anyway.

Panzer Dragoon is still one of the best known games in history even though not many people had the chance to play it. And this has been highly anticipated, that’s why when it was shown on E3 a lot of people had a lot of praises with the demo.

So far from what I know, the game playes similar to the first 2 games. If you don’t know how it plays, you ride a magical dragon though the flight is preset you control where your character faces and you try to hit your opponents. The game is very well known because of its great gameplay and wonderful eyecandy. So when you fly, everything looks amazing and the action is great and very fast paced. Though they did take an element from the third game which is an RPG. In that game the dragon had the ability to change its skills. Now with the combined ideas, you fly very fast paced action game while your dragon changes depending on what you need on a certain situation.

The game is not done be Team Andromeda which did the first 3 games. The new team are fans of the Panzer Dragoon series so from what I’ve heard they did have done a lot to show a lot of heart and dedication to make it look and feel as a Panzer Dragoon game. The new team still has the original team that made the outstanding soundtrack. It’s not techno or anything like that, but from what I’ve heard it’s a unique new age soundtrack that fits the spot for elegance beauty and action.

I can’t wait for this game to gome out.

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