Xbox Console Prices

As of late May, the prices of the Xbox went down. And so did PS2 and Gamecube. I wondered if it will affect us too since in the Philippines, console prices are quite expensive. The first time I asked one shop they said that the Xbox is still P22,000. But the second time in a different shop their prices are about P16,500. I can only say WOW. The Xbox is so afforable now, even cheaper than PS2 and GameCube. Though I have not checked how much PS2 and Gamecube are, still Microsoft did the big jump going down to keep consumers happy.

Why the desicion to go down? They were having trouble selling their consoles around the world compared to the US. In the US they has extaggering sales that they didn’t have any problems competing with PS2. But in Japan and Europe was a different story. In Europe sales was really up and down, but not something they were really proud of since Xbox is too expensive. The same did in Japan, people were praising the system but the cost was too much. Before the price cut Dreamcast was still selling better than Xbox.

Wonder if Microsoft is loosing? Actually no. They put the price down early so they can get themselves known to the market. They wan’t to build a name for themselves. Doing this will earn their name, even though it made a bad hit early in the international market, keeping the price down is very attractive especially with high end graphics that does put PS2 to its knees.

To think of it, even at P16,500 Microsoft’s Xbox is sacrificing a lot just to get their consle to the top. It’s parts are actual PC components so I think they do deserve a lot of credit.

There is a modded Xbox for sale at P19,000 which can play US/JAP games. European games are still questionable though since their system uses PAL than our standard NTSC.

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