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Again, George Lucas is building up several games for the upcoming Star Wars Episode III movie entitled “Revenge of the Sith”. One of these is Republic Commando, which is actually a prequel to the events the movie. Actually, I question how good or how bad Star Wars games have been for the past few years. They have been releasing average games and I wonder if they can still come up with a good game. Will this game be another average or better than the rest?

This is actually about a small Republic special operations group called Delta group, you are number 38 and you have 3 men at your disposal. The game starts with the war with the Genosians which actually happens during the last part of Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

The game is treated as a first person game, but you do have some little control over your 3 men. You control them by assigning them on certain points in the game where they can be helpful. The aspect of having men that you can control is great, not unique but it is something refreshing for a game like this. It’s not as detailed as some might expect but it’s a nice touch. The problem with this is that some points require them to position themselves at a certain position which is previewed before you issue your command. What I like about this game is that the game never ends when you fall, you can command your men to heal you if one of them is available. You yourself can also revive one of your men.

The weapons are very limited, you can only bring 4 basic weapon a Republic Commando can bring (a rechargeable laser gun, DC-17m Modifiable Blaster, Sniper Attachment and Anti-Armor Attachment), but you can pick up an additional weapon which you can pick them up from your defeated opponents. Mind you, you can only bring one pick-up item. Republic weapons are placed on numbers 1 to 4 but the additional weapon is only set at 5.

What I like about this game too is that your men position themselves properly before attacking (at certain times). I think Special Ops did a lot of good which you will see at the extras section if you access it. It gives a lot of realism which makes the game more pleasure to play. Although they sometimes attack at the most inconvenient time, since there are times that they can’t wait for you and goes ahead without you.

Getting yourself healed in the game requires getting Bacta, you can get them by accessing some health panels similar to Half-Life (PC). But your life in this is game a bit similar to Halo (PC, Xbox), you have a limited shield and your life gets affected once the shield is down. The shield regenerates itself after a few seconds it gets damaged. The shield wont need any energy or replenishment anytime in the game. Bacta can only heal your primary health.

The screen you see is very similar to Metroid Prime (GameCube) which you actually feel like wearing a helmet which also gives out several information about like status, life, squad and target details. This is very immersive and it does make you feel like being a Republic trooper. There are effects of breaking glass or it gets wet under the rain or maybe dark grease from destroying one of the droids up close. You even have this kind of laser repair thing when an obstruction on your screen appears.

The graphics for this game is quite good; it’s not as highly detailed as Doom 3 (PC), or as beautiful as Half-Life 2 (PC), but it is enough to see a lot of detail. There are times that you’ll see low quality texture maps but you really won’t mind it much. The character details are amazingly done, obviously they really did take time working on every model in the game. Just look at other Republic troopers under your command and it does a lot of justice, each of them have a certain color and style. Also look at the Genosians, if you can get a glipse of them during attacks. My only problem is that when attacking non droids opponents, you don’t have any visual reference if you are hitting them or not. What actually excited me during the game was getting a glimpse of General Grevious, but it was small but I got excited none the less.

The music of the game sounds great, I don’t know if this is what they will be using in the third episode of the movie but it sounds great. I’m very satisfied with it. It’s different from the usual Star Wars theme but there are also times that it does revert to the all too familiar John Williams tracks. The intro music was also good and it reminded of me the music from Episode 1 but different and better. It felt perfect for this dark gritty look.

The sound effects were also particularly good. What I really liked here is that they used the voice of Temuera Morrison (Jango Fett, Episode II) as Delta 38. This made sense since all clones were made from Jango Fett. The problem lies in that too, he didn’t voice for everybody else. Other Delta team members where voiced by other actors. So in my point of view, it felt like they were not clones of Jango Fett. They even have other characteristics. Another problem with sound is that I didn’t feel the power of each weapon. The weapons and some environmental effects came directly from Skywalker sound but some of them were uniquely their own.

Generally, this game is good; the problems I mentioned are not too significant that what good weighs is more than the problems it has. But what failed in this game is that the game is too short. I suppose that happens to most games that are really enjoyable, we usually look for more, but in this case, you can actually finish the game in 2 days if you have the time to play it. This is why I can’t recommend it too much. The multiplayer aspect of this game also doesn’t have anything interesting about it either. It’s a good game, but somehow it missed the mark of being a great game.

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