Currently Playing: Doom 3 (Xbox)

Doom 3, in the PC it’s considered to be one of the amazing feats of new game technology. We can see that clearly, the graphics alone in Doom 3 creates so much atmosphere that it can scare you just looking at it. The PC version stood out, now with the console version out, what would we expect from it? Would it be a better experience or just another bad port?

When Doom 3 was announced to be released for the Xbox, every Xbox fan got excited, getting to see amazing graphics on the system would make any PS2 gamer want an Xbox. Would this version get the same quality and respect it has for the PC version. The PC version came out last year, before fall, during that time everybody crazed to try out the new Doom 3. Though our review showed that we loved the graphics, the gameplay seemed standard but what made it fun is because of the amazing looks.

The graphics are a tad bit lower compared to the PC, but considering that this is being run on a console, this is quite amazing. But don’t expect anything less on this one, the game looks amazing. Some computers can’t even generate that much amazing graphics. The lighting and several effects are still intact. The only thing you’ll notice is some of the low detail on some textures and models, but that’s too insignificant to even notice. The only one’s who’ll know about the low details is the one with high end PC’s which is too expensive to even try out for most people. I remember when I played it on the PC on a Athlon XP 2000+ and a GeForce 4 4200, it didn’t look this good.

The game controls itself is nothing different. It plays almost the same as any first person game on an Xbox. If you’re used to Halo, you won’t have any problems here. What I like here is that there is now a quick save option which is easy to access just by pressing the back button, you can load the game by going to the options menu by pressing start. So far I’m pretty happy with this port.

Reading is very important in this game, since you’ll get to access several in-game computers and PDA’s. The story is built up more on this, but this game really makes you want action, not reading. The action is fun and entertaining, and reading these informational stuff sometimes gets into the way.

In-game computer screens are still accessed through your main view, you won’t have to get a separate screen. The center of your screen would be replaced by a mouse pointer once you look at these consoles. The control would be a tad bit harder since using a Xbox controller is not that precise, but when your looking at an in-game computer screen, I doubt that there will be a demon to disturb your reading. Usually you’ll take care of finishing off the creatures before reading anything to progress in the game.

The PDA is very important in this game. It’s where you store all the information you’ll get within the levels, you’ll take a lot of reading to understand what to do. Don’t neglect your PDA or you’ll have trouble what to do next. As I said before, the tons of reading information somehow takes a lot away from having just a lot of plain fun.

Some of the maps are modified to keep it simple. You won’t find the Turkey Puncher this time around. You’ll notice it immediately especially when you skip and entire section of the intro game from the PC version. Most people won’t even notice it especially if the other gamers are already happy with their versions, PC or Xbox. Though the changes are very significant, the elements they removed were to simplify the game, not to drag the gamer too much. The PC version had slight elements of Half-Life which made you feel that you were actually in a real facility, since Doom 3 more focused on actual gaming, the removed sections of the levels is not a bad thing. Actually I find it more refined than before and more direct.

The audio is also quite good. I’m happy with the Dolby Digital surround sound, but what made me really satisfied is that they have the option to adjust the settings to use a headphone, which I find commonly neglected. The sounds are crisp and clear as with the PC version. Nothing has been compromised on this part of the game. But since it’s the same you’ll still feel that the weapons don’t seem as strong as it could be. Never the less, it’s is still quite a good experience of listening to high quality audio.

The story is very thin, just as the same old Doom, the story builds up early in the game. This makes the game more interesting, but midway, the game gets to be too repetitive and some gamers might get tired of playing it through. But the story and the action gets better later in the levels, which are very satisfying and I’m sure that you’ll want to bring a friend along for the ride.

Now, about the multiplayer aspect of the game, it’s either using a system link or playing it online. The Xbox has been a great fuel for online games. This game is never left out, what is Doom without a multiplayer aspect. Doom was popular in that genre, that’s why it was a bit weird not to include a cooperative mode in Doom 3. Now it’s back and it’s great, but having a system link setup… you’ll need a friend nearby with an Xbox to play with you. Anyway, it’s still fun and I highly recommend it.

We got a copy of the limited collectors edition, which included Ultimate Doom and Doom II, which all has cooperative modes and deathmatches. The games themselves are classics and which are worthwhile, playing them even with old graphics are such fun with friends to tag along. It’s a good thing they included a split screen option in this game or I’d hate them for if they kept using the system link option. They also included interviews and a short documentary about Doom history. Although as I watched it, I felt like I wanted more.

Anyway, this game is great, especially it’s something nice to show off too. The gameplay is ok, but it’s fun to get scared off a game like this one. The cooperative mode is a great addition since we all wanted that on the PC version. The entire package is worth every penny. I’m happy to have one and I’d recommend it to other FPS gamers too.

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