Currently Playing: Dungeon Siege 2 (PC)

The original Dungeon Siege was released less than 5 years ago, so naturally, a popular game will eventually get a sequel. The original didn’t break any new ground from the RPG game it was based on which was Diablo, but it was a refreshing to see the genre grow bit by bit. So now the sequel is now released and does it stand up to its name?

The story is about finding the broken shield which will drive the evil away from the land. The Shield is scattered around the land and you are a kind of chosen one to find all these items. The story is a bit simple, but at least it is the driving force of the game.

The graphics is better, very detailed. Lots of foliage, that makes up for the lots of detail in the game. The game very much resembles the look of the previous game. So looking at the visual details, it looks very much the same as the old game but a bit better. Am I being a bit redundant? Maybe because I wasn’t so impressed since it looked so much the same as before. Having seen Guild Wars which seemed simple but impressed me, I suppose I expected more from Dungeon Siege II. In a way, I am very disappointed because of my expectations. It’s not the game to push your video card to the limit.

The game plays very simple, it’s as simple as a click-fest Hack & Slash RPG game. You do have to develop your character properly with leveling up special attributes. You start the game being able to control 2 characters. The main character that you use is developed into any type of character that you want, it’s only that you are given a certain training mode before you focus on your avatar. The second character is a bit developed but not much. After the training mode you’ll have the character to your full self. It’s up to you how to develop. Most RPG games let you choose how at the start, here it’s how you develop your character. It a bit reminds me of Fable. But here, the quests are pretty much predictable, and there are so little quests to go for that you’ll eventually go to finish the main quest. Don’t think that this is a short game though, it is a long game and I suppose you’ll need a couple of free weeks before you could finish this one.

You can have up to 4 controllable characters on the basic mode of play. You can have more once you finish the game and open up the veteran level. The characters get stronger and you’ll have more powers that you could access. This makes up for replay ability… but up to what extent? It won’t be much because its going to be all the same story and what you’ll be looking for is stronger powers and abilities. But by the time you’ve finished it the first time, you’ve tried almost every style there is to try.

The music is as good as before, Jeremy Soule is back for more scores. The Dungeon Siege theme can only be heard in the first training level but after that, there is more variety to this game than before. The previous game you’ll be bombarded with different versions of the main theme but here it’s more refreshing. The it still has the same amount of level which can be expected. So am I happy with the music? I’m satisfied, but not to a point that I’ll listen to it everyday. The music is really a soundtrack that accompanies the game, it doesn’t stand out on it’s own.

The voices and sound effects are merely ok. The voice acting is a bit over, too much exaggerated acting. But every conversation has a voice, so it’s nice, but very limited. You really can’t feel that there is life to these characters. It’s easy to see that this is a game and not an immersive experience.

But with all my critiques, I still have to admit, even with the flaws it has this charm to it that makes me play all over again. It’s not the story, it’s not the graphics, it’s not the music, it’s the simple gameplay that makes me go to this un-immersive world. I’d like playing this game up to the end and try it all over again with more characters at my disposal. But what then? I’ll go for the multiplayer mode. So I’d highly recommend this game which is simple and an uncomplicated game. It’ easy to dive into and I’d go play this game as much as I can.

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