Gadget Review: Mag InnoVision EV727

I’ve had experience with LCD screens before in offices and laptops, but this is the first time I was every to try one out for my self. I did compare the viewable screen to a normal CRT 17 inch screen and it was obvious that the LCD has a bigger view. The monitor was light weight enough, easy to bring anywhere, but its not as light weight as the new ones.

There are 4 buttons on the menu, you wont find it easily because its under the screen, not in front of you. The first button accesses the menu and the 2 buttons are controls the volume, but it also acts as a menu navigation. The fourth button is the auto feature which auto calibrates the screen to center itself.

The screen is bright, brighter than the usual CRT that I use. It’s quite refreshing and nice. Older LCDs are hard to see when you view them in an angle but this on is doing pretty ok, not the best but its good. There is a certain angle that the color seems to change though. The view has a maximum of 1280×1024 at 75Hz, which was good since my eyes are more relaxed and it easier to see than looking at any type of screen in 60Hz. Though the screen can can display higher resolutions, it doesn’t let you for some reason.

The monitor includes a speaker which isn’t much, volume controls are included with the menu system but I really don’t recommend it since the sound isn’t impressive. If you have a hooked up speaker set, this is not something that I’ll be using anytime soon. But I have to admit that it is a good feature and I enjoy the convenience especially if you don’t have a speaker hooked up yet. Though I was looking for a socket to put in my headphones and there was none.

I tried it with gaming and so far so good. I have a few qualms about it but I suppose it’s common on LCDs to display things in a blur in low resolutions. There are no echo effects while playing games in fast paced frame rates. I have tried it in Guild Wars and Lego Star Wars II and the video is quite good. I did try using low resolutions and it does get a bit blurred but that is normal when trying to resize video from low to high resolution. The blurred picture is not restricted to games alone, you experience it even by looking computer start up screens. The blur is not much of an issue but it does present as a problem when its the first time you have ever used an LCD screen. My sister who plays O2Jam regularly, took her a while to get used to looking at it.

What I did notice with the new monitors these days is that the resolution is lower than it was a few years ago. I had a 17inch screen before and it can display 1600×1200 at 60Hz, but now it’s hard to find a monitor that supports the resolution, you have to get a 19″ monitor before you get such a high resolution but still at 60Hz.

I did experiement with several resolutions. It did have a hard time trying to display low resolutions lower than 640×480. I still try to play old games that I have and this wasn’t the best monitor to use at this. But high resolutions did great. The Auto fuction did its best to adjust and center the image which did quite well. Although you can force this monitor to display up to 1600×1200 it won’t adjust properly which means will show a window in a middle of the screen which will be bothersome.

The price of the monitor is Php11500 which seems a bit much since you can get a 19 inch wide-screen monitor for with just adding a few hundred pesos. Having a flat screen is good especially if you need the space and the convenience of lower power consumptions, but if you do have the space to place it, CRT screens are still great and a lot cheaper to buy, but the CRT is very heavy.

Review by Edwin Francisco

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