Gadget Review: Logitech G11 Keyboard

I have not replaced my keyboard in years, and why? I really hated the ones that are sold everywhere. My biggest frustration with the common keyboard is the shut down keys. Ever since i lost so much of my work just trying to press the “delete” key and i pressed the “shut down” by accident, and it never gave me the option to saves. I vowed never to buy a keyboard with the irritating feature. Anyway i was happy with what i had and I’ve had it for several years. Until the Logitech G series keyboard, now I found what i was looking for.

I have seen several interesting keyboards like the Ideazon but its rare to find a good gear when you want one. So, this G11 (priced at Php3,500) is designed for gamers in mind. they say that the keyboard is primarily conceptualized from gamer reactions and what gamers wanted. There are several features that do stand out but not all of them focus on gamers only.

My favorite feature is the backlight. This is something i can’t go without. With a regular keyboard you can’t type without appropriate light and having too much light can be too much at times. i like playing my games in the dark. The back lit keyboard is a treasure to have. Every single letter is lit up and they aren’t hard to see. You can adjust the light or turn it off by pressing the light button. This keyboard doesn’t need any batteries but it does use some power more than the traditional keyboard.

I like the Gamer mode switch, although the function is simple. All it does is that it disables the Windows Key. This works a lot for me since I usually press the Windows key by accident. Although some games already disables this, it is still a convenient feature to have.

The interesting feature that this keyboard has is the Macro Sets and the G keys. There are 3 Macro sets to access the G keys setups that you have made. You can set up they key binds or macro sets on the Keyboard Profiler. And there are 18 keys that you can play around for each set. This feature won’t replace the WASD control but it can make some key strokes a lot easier, especially if you press a lot of keys in some specific order, or set the keys that are hard to reach.

The Keyboard profiler can identify some games already installed in your computer but it doesn’t load any presets. It would have been convinient if they did have sample presets for gamers to get started on. The Keyboard profiler can load a preset and run a game. It can remember some of the games that you load up even if you don’t run the profiler, which is better than what the Logitech Rumble Pad has to offer.

Other features are media keys, which just makes playing Windows Media Player a little easier. I can’t get it to work for WinAmp though. The volume control and the mute key works all around here. The USB hub is also a good addition, but it’s only USB 1. If you hook up USB 2 peripherals it will have a hard time use some of them. They Logitech Rumble Pad won’t even work through the USB hub. Most parts of the keyboard has an average to good in terms of layout, but the USB hub is not in a good place. It’s way at the back and it’s hard to reach unless you lift the keyboard.

The G15 is only a few hundred pesos higher and because of this, the value is very low. The G15 also has a small LCD that works for some handful of games. But I really like this keyboard but the USB placement is really bugging me.

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