Currently Watching: Eragon

I was excited to watch Eragon because the trailers looked promising and i really hoped that this would be a refreshing look at the fantasy genre. Its hard not to love dragons, as I always adored fantasy games. I havent read the book and i dont plan too anytime soon. But i am amazed that its a work of a teenager.

I know this movie is the first of three movies which is a big risk for any company. They really need a good initial boost or at least a box office hit for that matter.

Ok as I watch the movie with a refreshing actor as a lead. I really had a hard time connecting with the entire film. I suppose its just because it resembles too much of another famous film called Star Wars. From a farm boy lead role, a princess who sends the egg to a nearby location, a captured princess, a Darth Vader like villain who likes killing and promoting, an unplanned rescue, an Obi One like character who also dies… and a few more stuff. Also… A boy who is linked to a dragon is like Panzer Dragoon.

Not only that but the movie felt like there were a few problems with the editing and directing. There are parts where i have a hard time connecting to the scene.

The effects are amazingly done which does make the film work when needed. After being exposed to so much CGI, this is still one movie that does special effects at its best.

I really feel bad because I really wanted to like the movie, but there are too many similarities that are hard to ignore. I keep thinking when will the counterparts of Artoo and Seethree-Pio are going to show up.

Because of that I really can’t recommend the movie if you want something new. If I had not seen Star Wars maybe my verdict would have been different. Its a fun movie, i have no problems with it having its moments. I just hope it fares better in the next movie.

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