Currently Playing: Wii Play (Wii)

Wii Play is out and with a controller as a bonus. This is like a follow up of the popular Wii Sports, since the interface looks the same and it uses the Mii avatars when you play these games. With 9 games added to your party game collection, would this be good addition to the pack of Wii games? We’ll see.

The controls are good enough, but it’s not as much as a physical activity as Wii Sports. All games keep you down on your seat. Since this is a collection of several games, its just a mix of reactions. I wish Table Tennis was played holding the Wiimote as a pingpong racket, Laser Hockey was good but I needed the vibration to make the game feel right and you need to twist your Wiimote, its like playing air hockey but at a really small scale, Fishing should have been simple enough but it didn’t feel rewarding enough, Find Mii just uses a pointer, Pose Mii is just as good and you have to twist the position of the Wiimote which was interesting, Shooting is easy to control since its “Shooting”, Billiards is not what I expected to be, Charge could have use some control improvements and Tanks was just perfect.

The graphics is just as good as Wii Sports, which doesn’t say much. I wasn’t impressed with Wii Sports visually, but that game was extremely fun especially when you have lots of friends to join in the fun, so you won’t care much about the sights. This one plays around with other types of visuals that works well, but then again it won’t stand out. Tank though is a departure of the traditional Mii graphics that you keep on seeing, and it is quite refreshing. Not all games take advantage of the Mii avatar, which was a bit of a disappointment since I really like seeing my Mii in action.

All games are pretty straight forward, which is a good time killer at most. But I was disappointed with one particular game, Billiards, since it could have been a Virtual Pool contender but the lack of targeting to take advantage of the Wiimote came a little frustrating for me. Tanks stood out since it will require you to think your way to finish levels. Having an additional partner in Tanks can make the strategy different and fun.

My problem with Wii Play is that it’s very limited to 2 players when you know that they could have added more, which have given it more fun than it given. What I like about this multiplayer game is that it’s easy to pick up and play, the same as Wii Sports. This is one game that really looses it’s attraction fast because of this limit. I know that this game could have been more fun if they added more players in the mix.

The game itself is cheap, considering it has a Wiimote included in the package. Getting Wii Play is worth the price, but if it was anything higher? I’m not so sure, but in any case, it does pack a little fun with a friend, but not a lot of them at the same time. At the ends, it feels like I’m buying a Wiimote with Wii Play as a bonus.

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