Currently Playing: Resistance: Fall of Man (PS3)

This is one of the launch games of Sony’s PlayStation 3, Insomniac Games have been very successful with their Ratchet & Clank series. Since they also made Spyro the Dragon, I was a bit surprised to see them make a first person shooter. I know it has been quite a few months since the Playstation 3 came out, but I really do have to add this review since this title is usually unofficially packed with the PS3.

This game resembles a lot about World War II games like Call of Duty or Medal of Honor, but the nice twist in this is that this is is sci-fi shooter, like Halo. The game is actually set in an alternate history where the world didn’t see World War II. At first the game does have the same feel of WW2 shooters, but you will be attacking alien looking creatures called the Chimera. Since I’m actually tired of WW2 games, this is a nice refreshing feel it.

The story is about an American soldier named Nathan Hale, the game is narrated by another character named Captain Rachel Parker who has seen the hero of the game in action a few times. Russia has closed off its doors for some time and a strange outbreak of a virus called the Chimera has spread, for unknown reasons creatures have been attacking and has been spreading all over Russia and Europe. The game starts out that Nathan and his squad is sent to Europe by air then a surprise attack by the Chimera. Nathan’s squad is wiped out and infected with the Chimeran virus. For some unknown reason Nathan is unaffected, but there are changes in his abilities that defy the norm, which is the reason of his lasting survival in the game. This is the setting of the game, trying to fight the Chimera with a slightly transformed soldier. What’s so interesting about this is that the game’s story line develops quite nicely and told in a narrative fashion that it keeps you interested, wanting to know what’s next.

The control scheme is done quite nicely that it feels very natural after less than an hour of playing. It does tend to feel like playing Halo (Xbox), but since the setting is so refreshing, the game feels so new. It’s also nice that they have implemented the Sixaxis properly enough for me to and works so well when being suprised and grabbed by the Chimera. You’ll have a wide array of weapons at your disposal which gives this game a suspension of disbelief because of the amount of weapons at hand, and you will switch weapons while the game is paused. The focus of this game is tons and tons of action, you will be bombarded with lots of opponents in certain locations. You can also feel that you are outnumbered but with careful gameplay, you will be able to figure out how to fight.

Europe is in a state of calamity, and it shows greatly in this game. The cities that you go into are torn down with amazing detail, if you have seen games WW2 titles, you can expect a greater amount of detail in this one. It’s also nice to see the alien looking structures embedded within the environments and some levels are overwhelming with the amount of hi tech visuals. The character details are amazingly done, for a launch game this is quite a sight to see. I can even say that the character models and effects here are much better than the highly rated and recent title, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Looking at this game, it does show how much a PS3 is capable of, considering this is a launch game, I can’t wait to see what can be done after a year from now.

Playing this game again is fun, and with a friend to help you out, you can play this game endless amounts of times. If you’re tired of playing the story over and over again, you can play online with 40 players simultaneously. This is a great multiplayer game with lots of people to play with which makes this stand out from most PS3 online services.

The game has an interesting story, responsive controls, wonderful graphics that WW2 and Sci-Fi fans will appreciate and multiplayer options that any online gamer will crave for. This is a great game to have and worthy to have bundled with the PlayStation 3. If you have a PlayStation 3, you really need to check this one out.

As a first generation game for the PS3, this is a good reference of what good things may come. The graphics look great and the gameplay seems traditional but fun enough to keep me playing for hours on end.

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