Console Wars 2007

So 2007 has been interesting. So many things has happened, and it’s been a roller coaster ride. Let’s start of with the hand held consoles. The DS has been very stable, nothing new to say but there are tons and tons of games coming out and there is no stopping it. Is it beating out the PSP? Not really, for the past few months before the end of 2007, the PSP has been selling like crazy. From what I hear other countries are also having good sales with the PSP, but it seems like the games are not selling as much. So what’s with the PSP? It’s a multimedia power house. More adults will be more attracted with the movie features and MP3 capability, and now it even has Skype (Internet phone) to back it up. The PSP is selling because of it’s other features, it seems like gaming is just a bonus.

About the home consoles, Xbox360 has been steady for the past few years and it’s still doing good. The US has really captured a good market with the 360 but it’s still having a hard time in Japan. Since the PS3 has been lowering their prices, it seems affordable to a lot of people now. PS3 in Japan has been selling like crazy, but not as much as the DS or the PSP. The 360 still have problems to face, until they get their technical issues straight, they are going to loose some market. The 360 is staying strong because of the wonderful Live service which no one can beat. I have tried playing over Live and comparing it to several games on the PlayStation Network and there is no comparison. The Live feels flawless and easy to use. About gaming online, Wii tried to start online gaming with Pokemon Battle Revolution, but it was really hard to enjoy the game, it didn’t feel as it should be. It was good that Wii didn’t stop there. Even though online gaming on the Wii won’t match Live or even PSN, it’s good that they are working on online gaming.

The line up of games has been interesting for all consoles, but Xbox360 had a big advantage because of Live, it still didn’t matter for Wii since it had a good run of interesting games like and it’s showing that the motion control is not just a gimmick and it really requires you to move a bit. The motion control has been accessible to a lot of new players. Regardless of mediocre games of the Wii, it really didn’t matter to them since a lot of people are really enjoying the games. PlayStation3 had a harder time than the 360 or the Wii. Although they do have an interesting line up, there were several that didn’t pull through because their motion sensing Sixaxis controller doesn’t respond as people expected especially after playing how Wii makes motion so easy. The Sixaxis makes it feel like it’s not really a good option to play any type of motion.

My general reactions with the PS3, is that they started really bad, with a pretty good hardware and too high pricing. After some months of tweaking drivers and developing games, there is a good reason why it’s good to buy a PS3 now than an X360. Stability. The PS3 is a very stable system and it works flawlessly. You don’t have to worry about over heating or hardware failures unless for some certain issues. As long as you don’t put any pirated music disks or pirated DVD’s, the megalith of a game system should be fine. Games will be priced a little higher than the 360 or the Wii, but the bonus of being able to play Blu-ray movies and the less worry of a hardware failure is a good price to pay now. The upgrade it gets online are getting to be worth the price, but a year too late for people who bought the PS3 too early.

The Xbox360 is still a good system, I have tried and it is very addicting. I have no problems with it and it is a full package. The only shopping works so flawlessly that it’s so easy to spend your money and online credits by just pressing a simple button. The problem with the 360 now is that it’s hard to get a good unit. Although there are shops that are selling the new consoles, a lot of people are still afraid to buy because of so much problems it has given in the past. Hardware failures happen so much that some resellers are afraid to sell any. It’s not easy to get an Xbox360 at this time, but not impossible. You can go to Greenhills or Datablitz to get a system, but you have to make sure that it’s using the new processors which runs cooler than the previous 360 versions.

The Wii didn’t change anything much from the start, they had a good idea and they went with it. They don’t even package their console with other games too. But they did improve some parts of the controller, since flying controllers have been an issue with Nintendo. The new packages include the rubber enclosure for the controller and a better strap. Damaging your HDTV now will be a tad bit harder now since the soft rubber front will cushion the hit if your controller ever flies off your hand. Please remember that the controller won’t fly off by itself if it’s not strapped on your hard. The new games are doing pretty good to use the motion sensors and IR sensors to make gaming interesting.

It has been an interesting year. I’ll be putting up reviews of all the consoles soon since I was able to try all of them for the past year. I just didn’t have to write them. I’m excited for this year because I know for a fact that the consoles are getting their foot on the ground and they are getting familiar with their environment this time around. It’s only getting better.

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