Currently Playing: Heavenly Sword (PS3)

Heavenly Sword has been pushing and pushing, building the hype that this is the next generation of video gaming, merging cinema, and gaming all together into one format. With all it is just talk and visual eye candy but we all could not wait to see how it will come out. And now, it is here and we are happy to say that… we are happy enough.

One thing is for sure about this game is that the production values are astounding. The graphics show that this is the future of what games should look like, but the frame rate hurts this game a bit. Character details are amazing, the hair is the only thing pushing this back; the locations are even more refreshing to look at than Lair. The acting is great and we get to see a lot of interesting characters that stand out and can really get you interested in knowing them better. The music also feels grand, because of all these things coming together, the game really feels amazing. Although I do have a few issues with the graphics, it is really not too much worth to mention since so many things had been done very well.

The controls work fine; it resembles playing God of War most of the time. If you are not familiar with that concept, it is like playing most action games but with moments or events where you have to press a certain button to avoid a wrong move. The idea here is that you are given tons of action, and I mean a lot of it. You can be crammed with a lot of opponents in a certain location. I know it looks amazing and it can be an interesting challenge but it wears out once it gets too many. It should have been a great idea, but it seems that it just got a bit too much. The game gets repetitive and it can get quite a drag, but that really depends on the player. If you’re curious if you’ll be using the Sixaxis, yes, there are parts that you will have to use motion control.Surprisingly , I was satisfied with it, but I just wish I had a way to guide myself to the right direction, playing with the Sixaxis will take a lot of practice before you’ll get the hang of the controls.

The game is essentially a single player game. Once you finish the game, there is no reason to go back, although there are several unlockable items. There is not much drive for you to go on again once you have finished it, since the unlockables are mostly movies. It does not have that same effect of Ninja Gaiden where you crave to go at it again to have that extra dose of challenge.
The biggest issue with this game is that it takes forever to load. It gets a bit irritating when you have to restart a mission and you have to wait for the game to load. It’s a bit more irritating if you know that there is a cutscene that you can’t skip after loading. They really need to work on faster loading times. I thought this will be a breeze because the game had to install itself before starting in the first place. Waiting for about a minute or more is a bit too much to wait.
The entire game is an interesting experience because of its wonderful production. It is hard for me not to compare it to Lair since both games put a lot of attention to production. Here, the game did a lot of good things especially in acting, graphics, and music, but the gameplay did suffer a little just as Lair. Although at least this is one game I can enjoy for a while after it wears out very soon. Personally, I can recommend renting the game and you would not regret it. But owning one is something of a personal choice. If you are into the cinematic experience and even have the equipment to show off what the PS3 can graphically do? Why not?

It looks amazing, the game plays very well. It’s nice to play once in a while, but not all day. I can imagine myself playing this all over again, but not immediately after finishing it.

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