Currently Playing: MySims (Wii)

I was waiting for a long time to get my hands on MySims. I was excited to see how EA would approach doing a chibi version of Sims. As I played it, I was disappointed and the same entertained with new approach, but is it worth it?

I made a mistake expecting this to be a Sims game. Although it does have some characteristics that are similar to the Sims, it turns out that the game is very different than what you might expect. The game starts with character creation; there is no need to define its gender because there is no need for relationships in this game. Then you see your character moving on its own and soon you’ll be talking to the mayor of the town.

The game now starts you to build your own home, just play around with it, since you don’t need any cash while building anything. Regardless of how you design your home, the interior is all the same. Even if you have a second floor on your house externally, it won’t matter. This didn’t bother me though, I was happy with how much I could modify, even if it’s only external.

After I finished my house, I had to start my workshop. After building that, I had to follow the mayor and she wanted me to build items for her. From this point I realized this game was focused on building.

Building? Only building stuff? Yep, that’s right. There is no need for relationships or even a need to eat or sleep. Though we can have friends, sleep or play, the only thing you do that is to get essence which are used to decorate anything you build.

Essences are objects that you pick up in the world of my Sims. You start first by picking up fruits or flowers, later even emotions show up as objects or essence. There are even cakes, toys and other radical items. These items translate to a color or a type of decoration used for building. These items have a certain type of personality that identifies itself. Like picking up a crab will show an expression that loves food.

Building houses or objects is the center of the game. Using essence makes certain items fit the personality of the one you’re giving it to. In turn for making houses and items, you get more blueprints for more items, more decoration for your home, more options later on. The variety will depend on who you invite to town to stay and how you help the towns’ people making the items they need.

Are there technical problems? Nothing that I have seen, but there are a lot of loading times that seem too much. Although in-between rooms and locations are slightly forgivable, sometimes shifting from morning to night drags the frame rate to a halt. The long load times seems a bit unreasonable, although you can get through this after a while of getting used to waiting a few seconds after every location.

Other than that, the graphics look cute and adorable. I think it’s the only thing that made this game work. The chibi expressions look so nice that I’d like to have a stuff toy of each character if I can. Watching them play, sleep, eat and practically do anything makes doing senseless actions seem worthwhile.

After all the hours of playing this game, am I happy with this game? I’m happy because I like creating stuff. But if you are looking a cute version of a Sims game, Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon is still deeper and interesting than MySims. This is a game centered on creation and using your imagination. You don’t need to worry about hunger or you bladder here.

The game is not great, but I enjoyed every minute of playing the game. It does have some interesting charm that keeps me coming back even for so many hours. The only thing stopping me is my tired hands and my need to sleep.

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