Currently Playing: Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (PS3)

Drake’s Fortune

After more than a year, we are still waiting for the game that will prove that PS3 is a superior system… we are still waiting, but at the moment, we can still see that there are games that really prove that some PS3 exclusives will still outshine others. Here we now have PS3’s Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. At first glance, there doesn’t seem anything interesting to see especially if you are just looking at screenshots. And it’s not usual action games revolves around something sci-fi or anything unbelievable. After playing this game, it was so refreshing in so many ways that it was fun all over.

We start off with the graphics; it looks like any other jungle, maybe just as looking at Crysis for the PC, but that achievement alone is outstanding. Watching this game in action, looking at trees sway while shadows move all over is simply amazing to watch. The shadows also move around all the characters in the game and this makes the feeling of reality. The character models are not amazing as looking at Unreal Tournament 3, but the modern simple look is very fitting, although they may seem a bit cartoonish at times, you wouldn’t really mind because I assure you that you’ll be drawn into the story regardless of what you see. Looking at water, I have seen lots of it in FarCry, Crysis and Bioshock; nevertheless, the effect still seems jaw dropping. You can look at water at different angles, close up or far up high, it looks real to me. Looking at old wrecked submarines under a waterfall is a wonderful refreshing sight.

Drake’s Fortune

The game is set in modern times, not in a future or some past. It feels like a realistic version of Tomb Raider or a modern Indiana Jones. There is nothing supernatural or out of the ordinary… with some exception. There aren’t many locations in terms of variety, but the jungle, ancient ruins and some slightly modern structures are enough for remarkable sightseeing. This game does really show that the PS3 can push wonderful visuals.

Drake’s Fortune

The music is again done with great production value. The music was composed by Greg Edmonson which is also the composer for the series Firefly, which is personally one of the best Sci-fi series that I have seen but failed because of really bad timing with network channels. The music fits in a lot of ways, the action adventure feeling that sounded like a toned down version of Indiana Jones. It’s not similar, not by a long shot, but it has the same feeling to it. The music doesn’t seem to overtone the game, which is great; you can focus on the game play and enjoy the music at perfect moments.

The controls are simple but sometimes not that perfect, but good enough to keep you playing. I really didn’t have any problems with it, until I realized that I didn’t do any close range fighting which is also a nice feature of the game. The graphics does an interesting close up when you are in a fight, which I didn’t enjoy much because I like being far away from enemies. That’s what I mean, it’s not perfect because it doesn’t really encourage you to do close combat, but I also like it because it gives you a freedom to choose whatever style you want to try. The use of the Sixaxis is a requirement but only a few times. It won’t feel awkward since it will adjust depending on how you are holding it as the certain this control starts.

Drake’s Fortune

The game is entertaining, a lot of action and a puzzle here and there. There is more action than I wanted but none the less. Overall this is a great package. Playing this game all over again is much more entertaining than playing through Heavenly Sword, and completing the treasures and something to challenge yourself while we wait for the next big thing.

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