Currently Playing: Professor Layton and the Curious Village (DS)

Professor Layton and the Curious Village

As the title suggests, I too was curious what the game is all about. A game with a bunch of puzzles is usually not as fascinating or interesting. There are a lot of puzzle games that are out there integrated to look and blend into the game, this however doesn’t even try to make the puzzles blend visually.

What attracted me? Surprisingly, the puzzles are simple in presentation and the difficulty will range from easy to hard, but it presents the difficulty in a gradual manner that it doesn’t overwhelm at first. The puzzles are simple and doesn’t force itself to blend in the game, but it will challenge you to think in many ways, from math, logic, art and more. Don’t give up so easily, a lot of puzzles here will take you hours to figure out. This is not Big Brain Academy that makes you think very fast. Take your time and enjoy, don’t cheat this out because the satisfaction of solving the puzzles is the best part of this entire game.

You won’t be able to find all the puzzles the first time around, but it’s good that you are given an opportunity to go back to find them before finishing the game. You can skip some of them and it won’t block your progress in finishing the game.

What’s another fascinating thing about this game?

The story revolves about the Golden Apple. Professor Layton and his apprentice Luke are hired to solve the mysterious apple. Just as the game starts with a wonderful fully animated introduction, which I haven’t seen in a DS game before, you are immediately given a simple puzzle, at this point you’ll know how the game is going to be. There is a lot of story to get into but it gets more mysterious the longer you play. There are several mysteries which will unfold which will keep you hours on figuring out.

The game plays very simple; it plays more like a traditional adventure game. You see a scenic location, and some animated people are in there that you can click and talk to. Almost all of the people there has a puzzle to share, sometimes more than 1 after talking to them, so make sure you click on them regularly even after a puzzle has been solved. Going to one location to another is very simple since you only need to click locations with arrows. If there are no arrows… you can just click through the entire screen to discover hidden puzzles and hit coins.

Hint coins are helpful because they are used to buy hints for every puzzle that you find. There are a limited number of hint coins so you can’t abuse using them. There are 3 hints for each puzzle but there are 130 puzzles in the game.

The music gives me LSS “Last Song Syndrome”. It has a period Italian touch to it, more European or English. I can’t pinpoint what kind of music it is, but it’s good to listen to. It’s not irritating to listen to even after listening for so many hours in front of a puzzle.

After playing for many countless hours, and actually finishing the game, it’s hard to pick up again because after finishing the story and solving so many puzzles, it is a bit ridiculous to go back at it again because the puzzles are easy to go through the second time around. What’s makes this a long and lasting game is because you can get more puzzles in the course of time. The downloadable puzzles are more difficult because they won’t have any hints to help you out.

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