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No More Heroes

I had no idea what to expect when I heard about No More Heroes. This is a game that is supposed to be radical and extremely violent than what you are used to. It was a surprise that this Xbox360 title shifted to a less powerful Wii, but what attracted the developers was more of the unique control scheme. The trailers show a very unique look, almost similar to Killer 7 (GameCube) but not as dream like.

The game starts immediately teaching you how to play the game with basic attacks using the A or B button, but you’ll use movement gestures to make finishing or heavy blows but these moves will show up on screen before you can use them. You use an electric beam blade that sounds like it came from Star Wars, but other than blade you can use your feet and hands to fight too. Slight gestures can make some slight changes on the fight. Tilting the Wiimote up will make high blows and tilting the Wiimote down will make lower attacks. The training will take a while but it will instantly show you how violent the game is. In just a few seconds you’ll be seeing a lot of red. Bodies will gush out red liquid, explode with red smoke and for the bonus of money spewing all over and goes directly to your character on each kill.

You start in a mansion; roaming around doing an intense killing spree and before you reach the boss you will receive a call… FROM YOU WII MOTE!!! Wow that was fun. A woman named Silvia will talk to you explaining that you have to kill the assassin and Silvia has very low confidence with the lead character that he won’t live through the fight. When you reach the first boss it will give a sense of the story and humor of the lead character Travis Touchdown. If you watch “Great Teacher Onizuka,” you’ll notice that Travis almost has the same personality and it is quite fun. The first boss can be difficult but once you notice the pattern, it will be easy to adjust. After defeating the boss, a female character named Silvia will tell you that you have killed the top 11th Assassin, now he has to continue to the top if Travis wants to get see more of Silvia. Now you are an official assassin, but you have to pay an insane amount of cash to continue up.

No More Heroes

After than long and fun introduction, you are placed in a more open city, much like playing Grand Theft Auto. You can travel around to different areas, but there are a limited amount of things that you can do… very limited that I really didn’t have many choices to do. At first you’ll only do work as getting coconuts, but once you finish that you’ll get your first generic assassination mission. After getting more work and more money, you’ll be able pay up and start getting up the ladder of killing more top assassins.

The fun part of this game is that it plays around several ideas. Each time you are going to kill an assassin, something interesting and unsuspecting can happen. One enemy twists the entire screen upside-down for a few seconds, making you confused on how to use the controller. One mission forces you not to use any weapons and makes you run like crazy. Each mission can be unpredictable and enjoyable which can make you want more to see what more stuff you’ll be able to see or play through.

 No More Heroes

The graphics immediately plays around a lot of classic games. The visual style resembles watching some anime in 3D, but the surrounding interface looks like it came from an old cellular phone. The pause button even shows the game details, but the graphics now resemble classic arcade menus. After doing an objective, the game even flashes a screen like looking at a Vectrex arcade machine. It gives me an impression that this game really targets a lot of older crowd who has played arcade games or some Atari games to boot. But that doesn’t mean that game is only for veteran gamers, this is so much fun even for people who just started gaming. Just make sure you are 18 and above because the visuals in action can get bloody.

The sounds are very impressive too. They are done well and I had no problems getting into the story with it. Note that the people behind voicing these fun characters are also the same team who did Metal Gear series. So obviously, they know how to act in voices and it is very satisfying. The music is also nice to listen to, I really liked the song called Heavenly Star, but this title already came out on Lumines II. But I also liked listening to some of the in-game sounds that I made a ringtone out of it. Short MP3’s are downloadable from the official website if you want to know.

No More Heroes

Overall, what I liked about the game is that it is does know who to market it to. The veteran gamers, in which they overwhelm with classic visuals and plays around with a variety of gameplay. The story can surprise you although it is a bit light but at the same time crazy and fun. The open city, usually called an open sand box game, is very limited, not as extensive as playing Grand Theft Auto or other incarnations of it. Although it’s not as big, the action and variety of work are fun and interesting. It can end quickly but very satisfying. Just make sure to get everything before ending the game, there are two endings in this game and the standard ending is just too short but plays around with Star Wars. The second ending will explain more interesting story elements.

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