Setting Up Multi Monitors (Wallpaper using Web Items)

I currently have a two-monitor setup and have found an alternate method of getting multiple wallpapers across the screens other than pasting them together and worrying about dimensions.

As it was described to me, here is the method:

1) set the wallpaper as usual for your main display
2) right-click on the background and select properties
3) from display properties, go to the desktop tab and then to the customize desktop button
4) on the desktop items window, click the web tab
5) from here, click new… and click the browse… button and select a picture you want for one of the other monitors, then hit ok
6) repeat step 5 for as many other monitors as you have – I only had to repeat once
7) you should see the list of web items there, make sure the lock items box is unchecked and all your items are checked
8) click ok on desktop items, then apply and ok on display properties
8a) if your items don’t appear, right-click the background and refresh
8b) if that still isn’t showing them, set the main display’s background to none and you should see them then
9) mouse over the top of the picture(s) now on your background and move it/them to the other monitor(s)
10) click the little down-arrow in the top left of the picture and choose cover desktop, and it should spread across the chosen screen
11) when you’re done positioning the pictures and covering each monitor, right click anywhere on the background, go to arrange icons by, and select lock web items on desktop

And you’re done! It will automatically stretch the pictures to the size of each monitor, so make sure you’re choosing pictures that fit the resolution you’ve chosen on each monitor. If you have any problems with the pictures, just unlock the web items, hit that down arrow and restore the picture, then choose cover desktop again and it should correct itself.

Contributed by Jeremy

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