Currently Playing: Super Smash Brothers Brawl (Wii)

Nintendo has been hyping their exclusive fighter for some time now. Especially with Konami’s Metal Gear hero, Snake and Sega’s famous mascot, Sonic. A lot of Nintedo games are excited to get their hands on SSBB, it was a bit hard to relate since I haven’t played any version until this one. What does this appeal to me? Why was I excited? Fortunately I have a Wii and I can rent and borrow games this time around. It makes gaming a lot easier and cheaper. Anyway, I was excited especially with Snake on board and it would be nice to see Mario kicking Snake out of the arena.

As I got try out this game, I immediately got into playing Brawl. Since I just started, I really didn’t have much characters to choose from, but don’t think that it’s very little to choose from, there are a lot of characters. There are several arenas to choose too that resemble other games that you may be or may not be familiar. The locations are so focused on a lot of Nintendo related games that it’s fun to play any of them.

This is not any typical fighting game. It does have its own style and identity. Most fighting games rely on a health bar, the more hits you take and the bar goes lower, once it’s empty you go down. This is not the case in this fighting game, here you rely on how many times you fall down out of the arena. You don’t have a life bar to think about, and any gamer has a fighting chance even if he or she has taken many hits. The thing about this game is that the more hits you take, the bigger the chances you can get thrown out the arena.

Since I’m a new gamer, I played trying out several controllers. It was nice that this game offered many ways to play, from only using a Wii Mote, Wii Mote and a Nunchuk, or a Gamecube controller. You can even configure the controller to any button configuration that you want. Even though it’s difficult to play using a Wii Mote alone, it still works great once you know how to use it. Special moves are simple enough to understand and anyone can easily get into this game.

After playing a few brawls, I tried my hand in playing the SubSpace Emissary which is more like a story mode. The story was light, without any use of words, but it was nice to be able to see pre-rendered cutscenes with so many different characters which made it worthwhile. The levels are also inspired from many Nintendo games, which makes it fun. It was nice to see a more traditional game that doesn’t rely on too much fighting but can also be fun and entertaining. The SubSpace Emissary is a pretty simple side scroller, but your characters have all the abilities of a fighter. The only problem with this mode is at the last part before fighting the last boss, you have to take time to walk around fighting and look for hidden doors.

Playing SubSpace Emissary and playing hours of Brawl can give you a lot of unlockables. Snake, Sonic, Toon Link and more. There are levels, music, artwork, game demos and more. There’s so many reasons why any gamer will enjoy trying to open up these options. You can even unlock the tmie limit on the demos and be able to fully play them.

It alone can give you so many hours of gameplay, and with the addition of online brawl, this gives you more reason to play this game. From online fights or even make your own arenas, this is worth every penny. This is one game I don’t recommend renting, this game is one for keeps. I doubt that you’ll have enough time to enjoy this magnificent game if you just play it a few days. I tell you, hundreds of hours of playing this game is worth while in many ways.

Thanks to Diobrando for lending me a his copy of the game.

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