Unang Hirit and RockBand

I was invited to demonstrate Harmonix/EA’s RockBand while representing GameHopper on the show called Unang Hirit. It was shown yesterday morning. It was an interesting experience, since on stage it all went wrong. I don’t know if it went well on screen. Hehe.

My group which included Joseph (Vincent Valentine) and Jonathan practiced all night since GMA7 wanted us to play some music on the show. We practiced the music Creep, since it was the easiest music that we could have demonstrated. When we got to the show they wanted us to play a more upbeat tone since Creep seemed too depressing to listen to. We practiced Highway Star in just a few minutes. After getting ready and all, prepared, getting my script to study, just a few minutes before the start of the segment, they changed the plans. We weren’t going to play, we have to teach the hosts to play the game in just a few minutes. Needless to say that they pressed all the buttons, the game hasn’t even started yet. So we prepared the game… set up to PAUSE just before the music starts. I got interviewed on live TV, and as we finished speaking, one of the host trips on the USB cable, which stopped the game, which I immediately repaired by hooking up the cable. Since the hosts were pressing the buttons relentlessly, we had a problem resuming the game, which let to a reset of the music.

Other than that, it went well, I suppose. It took longer than planned, because of the small incident. It was fast and fun. I don’t know if I’ll be going back again, it depends on GMA7. It’s actually my third time being there. The first one was demonstrating Wii Sports last November 2007 and the second was about Wii Boxing after the Manny’s boxing win last month.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a recorder to record everything on TV. I never got to record anything when I was on TV.

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