GamEX Magazine issue 3 is out

After a few months of waiting, the third issue that I worked on has now been released. I was wondering what happened and if was even going to be released since I finished the magazine since December for a January release. I did mention “happy new year” on the message I wrote there.

I’m happy that it was released, after so many months of waiting. I’m happy with the quality even though there are a few pages that didn’t print well. The chosen paper turned out very well. My only problem with this is that it did release rather late than what I expected.

I hope some of you Pinoy readers will like the last issue I worked on. Unfortunately, it is my last issue, but I do hope that GamEX will still continue to improve on the magazine.

Thanks to everyone who appreciates the new look and layout, I’m very proud of it.

Also, thanks to ThirdWorldGamer about informing me about the release of the magazine and his compliment about the layout.

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