Follow up on Level Up! Live on the final day.

Second day at Level Up! Live, still at World Trade Center. I came a bit late though, around 5PM. The Playground booth was now focused on PinoyPS with their PS3 and Monster Hunter Philippines with PSP multiplayer galore.  I was also able to attend the World Cyber Games Soul Calibur 4 competition at SM Mall of Asia.

It was interested to see a group of gamers who play Monster Hunter 2G at the PlayGround booth. Its not a personal favorite of mine, but the graphics do look nice, but its just not my type of game. Maybe I need to try 2G next time around. I could just wait for Monster Hunter 3 for the Wii. I wonder how that will play. 

I wasn’t able to play any game this time around. I was there mostly to observe and see how everything is going, was able to talk to people with PlayGround and PinoyPS though. I still miss playing Little Big Planet. 

Well, Level Up! Live is still a blast and there were still tons of people. Mostly I saw the people from CosPlay communities. So more costumes this time around and a lot of picture taking… no I didn’t have my camera with me, so no pictures at the moment. 

Too bad the Philippine team didn’t win, but they at least reached 4rth place, out of 11 teams all over the world. I hope there is a next time.

Event ended a bit early though. It was expected to end at 10PM, we saw that people were already packing up at 8:30pm. Overall, the event went great. Wonderful placement of the booths, very good crowd control and 2 days with packed activities. I have no problems with this event. It was fun and very well organized. 

Kudos to Level Up!

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