World Cyber Games’ Soul Calibur 4 Competition

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend the start of the event. This was held in SM Mall of Asia, EOne Center I think is the name of the place. I might be wrong. Its not really a big event, it pales in comparison to Level Up Live. Anyway, we are trying not to compare… try…

Anyway, this is just a small event, basically just focused on competition on Guitar Hero 3 and Soul Calibur. I really can’t say much about Guitar Hero competition since it seems there were so much technical problems, that the event took WAY too long than expected. 

Since they were only using one HD Television set, Soul Calibur 4 gamers had to wait until Guitar Hero 3 competition finished. The GH tournament was hard for everyone not because the game was hard, but it took so slow, even for the Soul Calibur competitors.

But when Soul Calibur started, it was fun and everyone had a blast. Although it was a bit late than anyone expected. There were many SC4 players. It was good that they used an arcade controller since i doubt that many would have used an Xbox360 gamepad. 

If only it was announced earlier, maybe a lot of people would have joined in. If only they had backups of possible problems, it wouldn’t have taken too long.

I do hope that they plan the next event much better than this. We all are looking forward to a good video gaming console competition.

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