Marketplace is offline and content region lock [UPDATED]


I’ve been using Xbox360 a lot, especially the demos and the videos. I enjoy the moments that I can view trailers and try out so many games.

Recently XboxLive offered a web based Marketplace. You don’t have to turn on your Xbox to purchase or download your 360 content, now you can queue them from your favorite browser. I like the idea, I enjoyed the idea so much that I immediately logged on to the store to try it out. As soon as I try it, I was surprised to see that there was so much content. More than what I usually see when I use my 360. I try to download a free video called “The Guild”, suddenly, I was greeted with this message “This offer is not valid in your region”. I presumed as much, but it feels like it’s not fair to show these items to me and not let me get it. What’s this supposed to mean? Like Live teasing me? Telling me that living in the Philippines is not worthy to see free video? I mean, if the marketplace don’t intend to give it to me, then don’t let me see it anymore. I understand region locks, they are there for a reason, but don’t tease me. It’s irritating once you feel like you can get it, then you suddenly notice that you can’t. The Xbox Live Marketplace needs a lot of work, other than the region lock, they should really do previews of the Premium themes. I just hope Microsoft improves their service.

About the Marketplace again… for some reason, I can’t get in. What’s irritating is that once it has this problem, logging in your profile takes very long, to the point I thought my Xbox hangged up. I actually had no problems that Microsoft is working on it, but if you are online it’s a requirement to log into Live, and with the Marketplace down it takes like less than a minute for it to respond. Even when I’m already logged in, there are times that the NXE takes a little longer to load properly. I haven’t tried logging in today, but yesterday was a pain. It’s not an intense pain since I was still able to talk to my XboxLive friends through it’s chat system without a problem. Again, I just hope that Microsoft improves their service.

UPDATE: Looks like the problem with my connection is related to my internet connection. I had to change my DNS and suddenly, everything worked fine again.

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