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I’ve been playing Prince of Persia since it was released on the PC since 1989. I loved the game, loved the realistic movement ever to be seen on a computer screen at the time. I even enjoyed the sequel too, “Shadows of the Flame” even though the movement was not as smooth as the first game, but the visuals was amazing. Recently, the “Sands of Time” trilogy gave the series a good boost and much popularity that it makes you wonder why does it need a restart? Yes, the new Prince of Persia is very new, its not even related to any previous game.

This 2008 version is done very well, I like the game and it reminded me how fun it was to play Prince of Persia in the first place. Getting through the game is a challenge, but a nice and leisurely experience than most games that I have played. When I mean “leisurely”, I mean it! It’s like walking in the park, enjoying the scenery and loving every moment of it. A lot of game reviews have criticized a lot about “not dying” making the entire game easy. Well, it may be easy, but it is less of hassle than loading the game all over again. It makes saving a game less of a requirement, and I like it. I can just enjoy the game without worrying if I have left something out. My problem with the game is the guide, it tells me what to do so easily. It doesn’t give me a chance to figure out something since it tells you what to do. Maybe if they have limited the use of it maybe it would have been more of a challenge. Everything is almost spoonfed except for the fighting, it’s hard but not impossible. Take your time and you’ll be able to finish it. I enjoyed it and defeating a boss feels so satisfying, even though you only have to face 4 bosses, you will face each of them 4 times before actually stopping them.

The new Prince of Persia has a new look, a new princess, a new Persia to look at. Ever since I saw the screenshots, I was amazed how the game looked. Looking at videos even made it better. At times I wish I really had an HDTV to look at the wonderful images.The visual style is stunning and grand. Everything looks large and surreal, like looking at a painting. The dark maps have very dim colors and slightly depressing, but you see the this land was a magnificent place, then after going to the light side, everything you see chages like magic. Colors change, plants show up, the sky turns bright. The characters themselves have a wonderful style which uses celshading. All animated characters has this style so it visually emphasises them compared to the environments.


The game doesn’t rely on killing enemies but more on getting through the stages. I enjoyed moving around and exploring. Actually, there are 2 parts for each location, the dark side and the light side. The dark side is pretty much straight forward, get to the Fertile Grounds and heal them, this part is easy since the guide pretty much tells you how to get there. I enjoyed the light side of the map, since the guide won’t tell you how to get Elika’s power ups. Both sides are fun because they play differently, but both are necessary to progress in the game.Elika’s power ups really generally affect only the access to locations. The first time you encounter this is when you finish the first dark location, since everything will light up, power ups will show through out the map which you have saved. What makes this a little hard compared to the dark side, is that there won’t be any guide anymore to get these power ups. It is all up to you to figure out how to get them all. Some of them are difficult to figure out, but it’s a lot more fun that I actually expected. You can’t ignore these since it’s required to open up other maps.


The controls are easy to get into, the tutorial is done easily enough that it’s not a bother to get through it. You have an option to turn it off anytime, you also have an option to keep the tutorial on until the end of the game. Moving around is a breeze, generally you just run around, jump and grab on to things. When you make a mistake, don’t worry, Elika will always save the you. But when you encounter an enemy, you can only move in a small arena. You now go around the enemy this time, you can’t run, but you can dodge, jump, block and hit your enemies, but Elika can help around with magic spells. If you use a combination properly, you can make some interesting moves, and if you do, it makes fighting a lot faster. But special moves are not a requirement, but fighting can take time and a little strategy especially with bosses. There are regular enemies, but they are not simple if you don’t know what to do. Again, you do not die even when fighting, Elika will always save you. But there are still consiquienses each time you “not die”, enemy regenerates a fraction of it’s life. It can get quite frustrating when you’ve achieved some progress then later see it all gone when you make a mistake. There are places where you need to get used to playing timed events, although it does feel like it’s in place than most games. Pressing special buttons to reach places is not weird because it makes certain sense with magic as part of the game.

Another thing I like about the game is that the maps are not leniar. Most games goes into 1 direction, but then again this is not like Grand Theft Auto with an open world. You can only open maps after getting a few requirements but it’s all up to you which to open. The guide is a lot of help in reaching one map to another, but the guide is just a guide, it’s not the only way to get to a certain place. You decide on which direction to go if you don’t rely too much on it.

The entire game will just run around both the Prince and Elika. Since they are alone, they tend to talk in certain moments. You have an option to miss these moments but I tell you, the game is so much better when you listen to the conversation. The game will tell you when there’s an important thing to talk about. Listening to their jabber is a nice touch and gives them a lot of personality.


The game is fun and simple, it can take you a few hours or even days to finish the game and it is quite satisfying, especially with the interesting ending. My only gripe will be that, there is nothing much to come back to after you are done with it. You can try to collect all the costumes and Elika’s power ups and work on some acheivements but nothing more. It’s an amazing experience but with an abrupt end. Personally I’d have second thoughts about getting this game because it won’t have a lasting gamplay especially since it’s only a 1 player game. But this is one game that every gamer has to try and finish. Anyway, this is a good game for a collection too, since it is visually stunning and anyone can enjoy it while breezing through it.

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