Currently Playing: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS3)

2 years ago I was able to play Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. I wondered how a new character in a modern timeline will fit into Indiana Jones’ or Lara Croft’s shoes. It turned out a better experience that I’ve thought, a lot of action and good treasure hunting with a little unnatural elements. It’s a real adventure I’ve missed with Indy or Lara. Nathan Drake is now the leading treasure hunter, and I was excited to see what will happen next.

The game starts off very interesting, Nathan Drake is wounded and inside a train hanging from a cliff. As soon as Nathan gets out and rests for a while a flash back comes in and shows how it all started. You’re hired to steal a lamp from the treasures of Marco Polo, but with the help of 2 new characters namely Harry Flynn and Chloe Frazer. But as he looks at it closely, all their clues lead up to finding the lost ships of Marco Polo which they presume holds the treasure. The story builds up more and gets more complicated with a villain with so much evil intentions like Indiana Jones foes. The story itself is interesting, every chapter reveals something more and it keeps you playing non stop. The character animation between cutscenes and the voice acting is well done that it immerses you into the story while watching and listening all of this as it unfolds.
Controls are almost the same as the original Uncharted. It’s easy to get into and it’s not a challenge to understand it. Shooting is pretty much straight forward just as most First Person or Third Person shooters, but what I appreciated more is the fighting controls when hand to hand combat is engaged. In the original Uncharted, I hated getting into a fist fight because I was so bad at it, that I didn’t care much about it. I wanted to get as far as possible and hit my targets at a distance. Here it’s so much acceptable, but you try not risking a hand to hand combat, but it’s easy to control that it feels automatic but natural in a way.
The graphics is amazing, I haven’t seen anything like it before in the PS3 or even the Xbox360. If I need a basis of comparison, Gears of War had a lot of detail which seemed overkill but amazing to look at nonetheless. Here in Uncharted 2, the details is amazing, but feels more natural and more alive. Just look at the train sequence, all the trees in the forest, the fast moving train, the enemies that are coming and hiding for cover, the helicopter that’s trying to kill you on each moment you give away your location. Every single moment of the game keeps you on your toes to the point that the environment is really part of the full experience, not just a plain background to look at.
The music is again amazing to listen to, again made by the original Uncharted composer, Greg Edmonson. The music is more refined than it was before and it blends well with the entire game. It really feels like an interactive movie that just a game, which is something I also felt when playing Metal Gear Solid 4. As I said earlier the voice acting is amazingly done but not only in the cutscenes but also in gameplay. They talk about things about some history, a few jokes here and there, and a few banters with each other which makes it feel more natural.
I could end the review now, and say that this has been one of the best games I’ve played in a while, but I need to add more. The multiplayer is outstanding. I’m not into multiplayer games, but I really like that there are so many options to play and I love the co-op missions. For some reason I hate fighting with another player but the co-op missions is just fun and it keeps me entertained for a while. My only problem with the multiplayer is that it takes a while for it to connect, and its not just a couple of minutes, it can really take a long time for it to find a good party.
So, would I recommend this game? Yes I would without hesitation. It’s not just a rental, it’s more of a keeper. If you’re not sure, why not rent it for a while and see how it goes. This is one game that can show off your PS3 with what it can do. I tell you that the train sequence is nothing short of spectacular and I haven’t seen anything similar on any other game system, even on a PC.
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