I’ve been using both services for several years now even though I live in the Philippines. I started using Xbox Live since 2007 and at that time, I barely even used it. Although at the time, I was so impressed with Live’s offerings especially a stable online network when at the time, the broadband internet connection was already getting hold of the masses. It was early, but impressive enough to convince a lot of people that Xbox Live is the best online service. At the time it was true. Paying for the service was really worth it. I was able to play online games without any hassle, finding a game in multiplayer Halo takes only a few minutes and when you get connected, it was so much fun. So many offerings of video, demos, exclusive Xbox Live games and such.

Playstation Network was really a baby, even a year after Xbox Live came out. PSN didn’t know what it should do, and seems lost to what it can do. Online gaming is terrible. It takes so many minutes before finding a game, and if I do get a game running, so much lag prevents me to enjoy it. During the early years of PS3’s PSN period, even though it was free, I didn’t feel it was worth it. Although they did offer demos, videos, music and everything Xbox Live offers. But what I liked about it is that it was free.

Then Live offered something new. Movies, Music, exclusive videos; for all paying subscribers. So I was excited to have those features, since I’m a paying subscriber. There is no price difference anyway, the only difference is that I’m in the Philippines. Later I discovered that I DON’T GET THE SAME SERVICE. I pay for it right? Why don’t I get the same service? Of course I understand that some movies will not be shown or maybe timed, but not totally unavailable. So, I hope for, but again, when it was released, it doesn’t count too. I found it strange since I know works in the Philippines when you access it through your computer. So, now I’m thinking, what am I paying Microsoft for? I hate the Zune update too, since it prevents me to get access my downloaded videos while I’m signed on. The only way I can access my downloaded video files is by logging off.

Playstation Network added Home, and online social network thing. I can’t call it a game, since you don’t have an objective or a mission. You just stay there and socialize. But you do move around like you are in a game, but at first it feels disjointed. But it made me a little happy that I can do something that I can’t do with Xbox Live. Then later, they improved Home, adding locations, adding mini games. It’s getting better and better the longer it gets. Even the online games are getting better in connection even though it still takes 10 or more minutes to get a game running, when I do, it runs flawlessly.

Recently, I don’t know what to do with Xbox Live. I don’t feel that I’m getting the service I was paying for. It feels unfair. I’m paying for the same amount of cost as US subscribers and I don’t get the same thing. While PSN offers are very limited, even movies aren’t available, at least it’s free and slowly I get some fun out of playing demos and free games in PSN and Home.

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