An all new DS coming your way… wait… its 3DS

What is this 3DS we’re hearing about? 3D on a DS? What is Nintendo up to now?

I’ve been itching to buy a new DS, why? Cuz my old one is a tad broke. I was waiting for the DSi XL to come out. I know the DSi LL is already out for quite sometime now, but having a region locked Japanese system is not what I’m looking for. I would actually get a DSi XL for my portable gaming, this is just to upgrade my current portable gaming. Now I hear this, a sudden announcement from Nintendo going to release the successor for the DS with 3D and they emphasized it “without 3D glasses”. This caught my attention.

3D has been a big hurdle, it has been tried in the past, it has been almost done to death. But it can’t go mainstream because of what… the glasses. I’ve seen a lot of 3D stuff already, a lot of them are good, buy you can’t last that long watching them. A lot of them are hard to play in long periods of time because the glasses wear you out. Most of the time it’s not the glasses fault, but focusing on 3D images alone can get tiring to your brain. I keep telling my friends that 3D will ultimately fail if they keep on using the glasses. If they make a new device cheap enough and being able to view it without any hassle might push the lead to its success.

Nintendo has done 3D before and it was horrible, so bad that it sometimes feels like it comes from a bad horror movie. The Virtual Boy is big mistake in Nintendo’s history. It only released 22 games in all, but only a few games justified why 3D was good. So, at least we know that Nintendo knows that 3D was a big failure, I’m sure that they will not kick themselves on the foot by doing it again.

So, what will we expect this time around? There are many possibilities how this can go. One idea is to use cameras and some accelerometer chips to detect your head and position. The thing is, this only works for the person who is looking at it. The 3D isn’t real, but it tricks you enough that you’ll get into it without a problem. Although if they use this, then they aren’t different from iPhone, which already uses it on some games, so what will make 3DS new? And this is already been done on a DSiWare game already.

Another idea is to use a newer technology which displays images in 3D on a regular flat screen which uses pallarax barriers. The screen has to display on certain angles to make it work hence, it only will be properly viewed by the user and no one else. This technology hasn’t been used much but it’s already being used in some devices. If that is the case, making a big 3DS is pointless. The point of the DSi XL in the first place is for everyone to enjoy watching while someone else plays the game.

The interesting bit here is that it seems that Nintendo is already working on the new handheld for quite sometime now, and they say that people can try it out on E3 in June (crap, I wish I can go to the US just to attend that event). It’s a surprise move and this close. It seems that Nintendo really wants the attention and they would do anything to keep the public looking directly at them. We can’t wait to see how it goes from here.

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