Now the official launch of PlayStation Philippines is coming… what am I hoping for?

Playstation is coming in the Philippines on March 26 and to celebrate it there is an event on March 27-28 in Glorietta. I know, I know… we’ve seen all Playstation consoles, but we’ve never been officially recognized until now. It’s really a big step up for our country to get this recognition. Why only now? Because we’ve been pirating stuff ever since we saw the capability to copy stuff. The PS3 is the only console that can’t be copied properly, it’s too much work to break the PS3 and copy games. Since there can’t be business in copying huge PS3 games, piracy will have a hard time getting through it’s stuff. Now the PS3 is all original, all authentic games. I think it’s a long time coming and we’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time now.

1. Warranty – I’m sure we’ll get this one now with the new units being sold by Sony. But I really want to emphasize that this is what all of us have been waiting for. An official proper tech support locally. Now we don’t have to rely on going to stores who will break open and fix it… and us users will be scared that it can get worse than it already is. I’ve been scared that my Xbox360 will break, but so far it has been working for more than a year now, but that doesn’t make me any comfortable. Every time I turn on my Xbox360, I’m really afraid that I might see the dreaded 3RL. Of course with the PS3… we dread something different… the Yellow Light. Having a proper warranty will make us feel safer, even for a little.

2. Home – Our own Home, where pinoys can interact with pinoys. Home is a social network simulation thing. I really can’t call it a game, but it is a virtual space. There are mini games in it, but alone… it is not a game. I’ve seen the US account and it has a lot of things going on for it and it makes it interesting. I’ve seen the Singapore account and it’s dull and I can’t do anything interesting, even though Singapore has an exclusive Lounge area, it’s really boring. They really need to step up and do things the way US does in Home. We need pinoy themed stuff (a virtual barong tagalog?), and more streaming videos. International trailers won’t cut it since those are already spreading out in the internet already, no point in seeing them in Home if you can see them elsewhere.

3. Exclusive videos – Maybe our own version of Pulse. I enjoy getting previews of games, I understand some games may not come out in our country but I’d like to see videos of new games and stuff. I’ve seen stuff on Xbox Live US and Xbox Live Japan, they treat it very differently in terms of exclusive videos and I really like to see what they can do if they do the same thing for the Sony PSN accounts. Make some special videos featuring the Playstation.

4. More Videos – I like being able to watch movies, I craved for it when I get to a US account, but can’t do it since our country is blocked out. Since I know that a lot of US movies are shown in our country, I don’t see why we can’t see it on our own PS3s. For me it’s a hassle to get blu-ray disks, I’d rather get them online. Right now, I enjoy watching The Tester, the Sony Playstation reality show. I know it can be corny sometimes but hey… it’s free HD video and it’s fun to watch. It would be nice to be able to see The Dark Knight or Star Trek being streamed or downloaded on my PS3 rather than look for a blu-ray version which is hard to get these days, but not impossible. If this happens for real, I’ll have to buy a new hard drive. 60gb won’t really cut it anymore.

5. Credit Card – The hassle of having a US account is that I have to buy PSN cards in stores. I want to be able to use my credit card to load up my credits on PSN rather than getting it from a store. Also, I enjoy the exclusive games on the PSN store. I think people would enjoy playing Flower at least once.

6. Account Transfer – I think a lot of people might like this. Being able to transfer your account might be a long shot, but it would be nice to be able to see your trophies to be complete if your account came from a different region. Although personally, I’d keep my US account since I still like seeing what they have to offer.

I can’t wait to see what Sony do for our own country. Although I think I’ll just expect the same treatment as we see in Singapore, I’m still hoping for good treatment of PSN. I’ll be going to the Playstation even on March 27-28. Hope to see you there.

To everyone else out there, what do you expect with the Sony Playstation Philippines?

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