UPDATED – Playstation Philippines Launch Day 1

Today was the official launch of the Playstation… here in our country… the Philippines. It’s been hard to connect the words Playstation, Philippines and Official. For all gamers out there, we’ve been waiting for this moment. A chance that one game console manufacturer to acknowledge that we are here and willing to pay huge amounts of money to play their games. Let’s see how it turned out…

Unfortunately, I wasn’t there on the event itself. I tried going but I really had a small window of time to attend it. They said that the event will be open by 10:00am March 27, 2009. When I got there at 11am, it wasn’t opened. They were still setting up or something. Took a few pictures where I can. Although I only had 1 hour to take pictures and such. Wasn’t able to talk to anyone too, I was in a rush.

But here is what I got from others…

  • The event got delayed because they waited for the launch units, so the people who got in line got a little frustrated because Sony promised us that the units will be available. At the moment, no word when the units will come. If you’re excited to buy one now… get one at the Sony Centers. They give the same warranties as the one at the event.
  • Playstation Network Philippines is currently in the works. Lets hope it comes out soon.
  • Playstation will give 1 year warranties to all units bought from them. Anything bought from other stores will not be serviced.
  • There were some demonstrations using 3D HDTVs.
  • Php18,999 for the PS3 120 gb
  • Php20,999 for the PS3 250 gb
  • Php9,999 for the PSP-3006

I wish I could go tomorrow to see how it goes on the second day, but I do have some things I have to work on. I’ll post any more updates as soon as I can.

UPDATE: Yellow Light of Death is covered by warranty as long as the PS3 is bought from them. If you bought your console from an unofficial distributor and got YOLD, you won’t get your system serviced by Sony.

Most info were taken from PinoyPS.com.

Official Playstation Philippines Launch page.

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