UPDATED – More info about PlayStation Philippines and the 3DHDTV

I actually called up Sony help centers and asked some questions about the PlayStation 3 and PSP. Here’s what I got.

  • The units are only sold at Sony Centers, at the moment, there is no official word if they will sell it at other official Sony distributors too.
  • They will not accept any deferred payment for now. Only cash and straight payments.
  • 1 year warranty will cover anything as long as the system is not modified (any form of tampering on the system, including changing the hard drive). No charges added including service and parts (I verified this many times with the Sony Help). Warranty will only cover units sold from Sony Centers.
  • Dualshock 3 controllers are priced at Php2,499.
  • PS3 Games are all Region 3.
  • PS3 games are priced ranging from Php1,400 to Php2,400 depending on the title.
  • PSP games will range over or under Php2,000.
  • UMD movies are not available at stores, but you can order them if you are interested in getting them.
  • Local Credit cards will now be accepted in the PlayStation store regardless of your region, since there are no PSN cards being sold in the Philippines.
  • The 3D HDTV model NX800 series which was displayed during the PS Launch will be released sometime within June or July. Prices are unannounced for now.
  • 3D TV will have sized from 40 inches and above.
  • 3D TV will require you to have special glasses.

What’s the big news here for me? The acceptance of local credit cards in PSN is a big factor for me. I haven’t tested it yet, but hearing it from a Sony representative is a big thing. I need to try it out soon. To anyone else who has access to PSN, please try it out if you can and tell me. I may test it out later and see how it goes.

The game prices aren’t so bad considering they are all Region 3, and generally it seems that those prices are competitive enough to make them as a good alternative to other stores.

I’ve been hearing that US warranty still makes you pay to get them repaired. But it seems that it’s a bonus for us in our country that we don’t need to pay anything extra as long as it’s within one year from purchase.

Also, the warranty does not cover you if you change the hard drive by yourself. If you want to change the hard drive, go to a Sony Center to get it done. Opening your case and changing the hard drive by you own is considered as tampering or modifying.

I hope this helps for anyone thinking of getting a PS3 or a PSP, but it’s always safer to double check your Sony Center or call them to make sure if you have any more questions.

BTW, here’s the official PlayStation Philippines website.

UPDATE: I just tried loading my account through PSN, so far no success. This can’t work until we see “Philippines” listed in the country selection. Maybe we need to wait for the new update to make it work, we’ll have to see.

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