No More Linux for PS3

For PS3 Slim users, this is not much of a concern. But for people who own the original PS3 this can be a drawback.

The original PS3 always had support for Linux. Ever since you started the PS3 and check on the Systems options, you’ll see this “Install Other OS” just for that purpose. If you use this option, you can install special versions of Linux which you can find easily on the internet.

I’ve always considered PS3 as the powerful system because of this option. You can use it as a real PC and to have access to most of the processors it gives you the chance to take advantage of almost everything it has to offer. My only drawback to it taking advantage of it fully is the lack of video connection for a regular computer monitor. You have to use an HDTV to use it easily.

But then again, it wasn’t a feature I really used because of that reason. The loss of support can be disappointing especially if you already installed it in your PS3. Although I do find it rare to find people who has done this themselves.

Some speculate that the hack done a few months ago forced Sony to remove Linux from the system to prevent any more hacks from happening. It’s a logical move I suppose, but a sad one nonetheless.

Unfortunately this is not an optional downgrade. If you don’t download the update, you will not be able to get online or do pretty much anything.¬†Once you download the new firmware, you will not be able to access Linux anymore.

Official Sony Notice for Firmware 3.21.

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