DSiWare specific to System, not the user

Nintendo just confirmed it. If you bought games from the Nintendo online store for DSiWare games, it’s just there forever on the system with no way to transfer it to another. What are the problems with this?

Well, for one thing every single gadget can break like my DS right now.  The right button doesn’t respond properly so some games are impossible to play. So if you broke the system accidentally or if it’s not covered by your warranty, you can be screwed. If you buy a new DSi device, and you want the games you had on your previous system, guess what? You have to buy them all over again, no transfer, no discount, no nothing. Remember that this is almost the same case as a Wii.

Why in the world will you buy games several times over when you have one already? Wait, do they think that the Wii, DSi and DSi XL is like Windows? Where you have to buy every single copy for every unit? Windows is different from games.

This is what I like about games that are bought under an account like in PSN or XboxLive. If you buy it, it’s yours forever even if you change to a new system. I think Sony and Microsoft understands that hardware can’t last forever.

But then again, maybe Nintendo does too and they are just money hungry? That’s why they’ll force you to buy games over and over again.

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