What will Wii stand for now?

Ever since the current generation of consoles broke out it 2005, I held out on the Xbox360 since I wanted to see how the then new PS3 and Wii will stack against. Then Wii came out and it turned out a great system. It proved that graphics isn’t everything and gaming always prevails over it. How did it come out in the Philippines after 5 years?

4 years has passed since the release of the Wii. I bought one myself when it was new. I bought it because it promised to be open to the family, but at the same time, as a serious gamer I was excited with the possibilities of the new control scheme. I was also hopeful that this generation will stop piracy one way or another since I really want to support originals as much as we can.

When it was so new, I bought WarioWare: Smooth Moves and Zelda: Twilight Princess. I couldn’t wait to play it and see how the games stack up with others. I was determined that I will not buy any other console because of the rising costs and the recession is really being hard on our economy. It doesn’t make sense getting more than 1 console at the time.

It was promising, it felt like I was in action, like I was the one in the game. As time progresses, I noticed that controls weren’t as accurate as I wanted it to be. It felt like waggling is enough to get through some certain moves. I was able to try so many games with the help of Gamehopper and noticed the same pattern. Only a few games stood out from the rest of the games being released.

The term “shovel ware” stood out from me because there were too many games that really didn’t mean anything for me. While Xbox360 and PS3 games were pushing more games for serious gamers like Gears of War or Metal Gear, Wii gamers are getting… Circus Games, Party Games, Pets and such. Argh! It’s frustrating and I have a Wii that is stuck with a few game titles.

What made it worse is that since at that time I worked at Greenhills, I was bothered that the Wii was being pirated. Modified consoles and copied games will run perfectly. As long as you know the restrictions of using it, you’ll be fine and be able to run emulators and such if you wanted to. So many modified consoles are sold that it was almost hard to find a full proper system which haven’t been tampered with.  Yeah, the Wii is selling like crazy but it’s only because people were able to download and copy games.

During this time I still had friends who didn’t want to use a pirated system because we we’re still hoping that Nintendo will do something amazing that no other console can match. That’s hoping a lot.

There was a point in my life that I kinda gave up on mature oriented games on the Wii. Even though there was No More Heroes, Metroid or Mad World, it was just too few to enjoy. It’s hard to get excited with a new game on the Wii these days. My Wii is practically shoveled into a corner… waiting for it to be used again. So, what’s my move? Now I have a PS3 and an Xbox360. I get more game there than a Wii, and why? Even if I don’t spend money on games, I can play some demo games for free. Why does the Wii don’t have demo games? Because they don’t support any hard drive. Once they do give out a demo, it’s only for WiiWare games and it’s rare and timed. Like the first batch of demo games are not available anymore. Why? I have no idea.

At some point, my friends gave up on waiting for the chance for the Wii to make up for having few interesting games in their library. Some of them opted to box the entire thing since it wasn’t even used anymore. The only thing giving the Wii life to them was games like MegaMan 9 and 10. So, rather than boxing the thing, they modify it instead, so everyone can be happy and they can use an external drive to put in games. It’s a sad realization, especially for hardcore Nintendo fans.

They released a new peripheral, a Wii Motion Plus. They say it creates a more accurate motion than it did before. What?! That wasn’t included before the Wii came out? So all this time, they could have added that feature to make better controls and better games but they opted to not include it. Now you can get it, by getting a new game or buying it separately.

Last year, what did they announce for the Wii? The Wii Vitality Sensor. It checks your pulse while you use the Wii. This makes me feel like you have to lie down in bed and use this when you get sick.

What’s my latest buy on the Wii? Wii Fit Plus. So that me and my siblings can do some exercise. It’s a bit pathetic that we hardly use the Wii as a gaming system anymore. At least my brother plays a little Super Smash Brothers and I am looking forward to getting some other Wii games like No More Heroes 2 and Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom.

I know the Wii is still selling like hotcakes in some other countries, but it’s completely a different market. I keep seeing on the news that Wii’s are sold in exercise stores or some other non gaming store. But it’s not the market of serious gamers. With so many Wii’s out there I thought No More Heroes 2 will sell a lot since it got a lot of good reception… no, it only sold 30,000 copies. So, why in the world will developers keep on making a game on a system that no one will buy games? The people who buy Wii just wants to use it as an exercise machine.

The Wii seems lost in many ways. I don’t know what to think or expect from the Wii anymore. They lost a lot of fans I think, the ones who tried to keep the nintendo spirit is just gone. It’s good that the DS is still getting a lot of better attention than the Wii, but still, they are not doing good compared to the popularity of the PSP here in the Philippines. Now with the full and official release of the PlayStation in the Philippines, I wasn’t surprised how many people are willing to shell out money for the PS3 and it shows that a lot of gamers are craving the official acknowledgement and a good warranty service. Why can’t Nintendo do the same thing? Why not put some effort in their game development and release the console in our country. Give more proper incentives for people who keep their system mod-free.

I still do believe that the Wii has the potential of so much more, but it feels it has been stuck since 2006… but with the PS3 coming out with Move within the end of 2010 and Xbox360 with the Natal within 2011, they can catch up with the Wii status pretty quick with some serious gamers in mind. I can actually imagine No More Heroes coming out on PS3 with the Move.

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