Metroid Other M Trailer with Gameplay

Last time we saw the trailer for Metroid Other M, we just saw prerendered shots. no inclination how the gameplay will work. This time, they made sure you got it when you watch it straight through.

What I liked about the new trailer is that they show you how it’s played. Well, in a sense it’s kind of a common way to see Wii commercials showing how they are played but still, this seems to be fast and exciting to play.

Basically there are 2 gameplay modes from what I see in the video. If you hold the Wiimote sideways, it plays like a classic Metroid 2D shooter. If you hold the Wiimote normally, it plays like a shooter, but it seems that you’re stuck in that position until you change the orientation of the controller sideways again.┬áSo it took ideas from 2 different genres of both 2D and 3D games of past Metroid games and made it their own.

This would be interesting how it will turn out in the end. Right now I’m just speculating based on what I see on the video. Anyway, I’m excited to play this game.

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