Testing out the new Xbox USB update

I just got myself a USB Flashdrive. I never had a reason to use one for a long period of time. I even got one as a gift that i rarely used. But ever since I heard about the Xbox USB update. I got excited… why? Cuz, I’m still using a 20gb hard drive. Well, here it goes…

I got myself a 16gb USB Flashdrive. So far it’s the maximum limit of each USB slot. I got it at CDR-King at Php1,880 (US$42), the brand is KingMax. I had the option of getting PQi but I’m not sure of the quality of the construction itself. The price is the same, but I was told that the quality is a tad better with KingMax.  I also had the option to buy the CDR-King brand which was Php1580 (US$35) from what I remember.

Anyway, as I got home and put it on the Xbox360, I went to the memory configuration menu and it checked my new USB. It asked if I wanted to configure it and format (remove every single file) your entire USB drive, and obviously I went for it since it was basically an empty drive to start with. It was really quick too.

I immediately transferred my videos, game files and such. Although, I wasn’t able to move save files, but that didn’t bother me too much since I didn’t need to move them anyways. I just wanted to have a little space to install Mass Effect 2.

It was generally flawless. It did feel that I had an extra hard drive that was performing as part of the Xbox360 than it is an extension of it. I installed Mass Effect 2 on the flash drive and it worked great too. Seems to me that it’s loading pretty well compared to reading it from the DVD itself. Note that I wasn’t able to install it before because so much of my files were needed on the hard drive. This is the first time I was able to install a game on the Xbox360.

My only complaint is that the configuration eats up some space. My 16gb turned out to be 13.5gb when it first read the drive.

Now I checked the files on my PC if the computer can read it. Unfortunately no, the folder of the Xbox360 is hidden, which is easy to unhide in windows. As I tried looking for the files, it seems to use a different format, and seems to compile them into large 1gb files. So, there is no straight forward way to copy files from the USB to your PC. Since the configuration will eat up the entire drive too, you won’t be able to use it for work, assignments and other stuff. The flash drive will be dedicated to the Xbox360.

I haven’t seen the SanDisk Xbox360 drives yet as of now and I don’t know what difference it will make, but since it’s flawless enough, I don’t see the reason to get those instead of the other brands.

Well, overall experience wasn’t a pain. It was smooth and easy. Now I don’t have to pay a lot to get an extension for my hard drive, although I’m still wanting a 250gb hard drive, but knowing that you’ll be spending a lot for that one, I think I like this as an alternative.

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