Currently Playing: Little Big Planet (PSP)

The first time I saw Little Big Planet for the PS3, I was amazed how realistic the game turned out. It was one of those games that I really wanted to see in person and when I did, I was amazed. Last November 2009 the PSP version was released, to my surprise they did everything they can to replicate the entire feeling of the PS3 version. How did it turn out?

The game is basically a side scroller. If you’re familiar with Mario and this shouldn’t be to hard to imagine. There are no 3D rotating cameras or camera tricks, just a plain side scroller but with realistic graphics and physics. The main draw of LBP is you can make your own levels with the tools you gain through the game. Everything you see in the game is something you can use for your own levels. This makes the game more interesting since you’re not limited to the game itself, you are limited to your own imagination and everyone else who is uploading their work online.

I loved the PS3 version. It looked amazing, the graphics was realistic, the physics made the game interesting and more. The PSP version is what we kinda expected it to be, a little cut from the original, but they made smart cuts to make it a unique experience of it’s own. The PS3 showed that the system is hard to match with so much complex designs that anyone can make on their own, with the capability of the hard drive, the limit was only your own imagination. The PSP is not a slouch either, the controls are done well, the level customization is amazing too.

The main difference of the game is that there is no multiplayer to speak of, which was so much fun on the PS3. This entire game is only for 1 person alone. What’s the use of the online network? This is for you to share the levels you make in the game.  With this feature alone, your gaming can get a little endless if you wanted to. You’ll kinda miss the alternate paths that you can do when having a friend to play with.

Character customization is very limiting, but it gives enough to make it interesting, but not enough to give yourself a unique feel. In the PS3 version, I enjoyed a lot of character editing and did what ever I wanted with stickers, pins, costumes and others at any part of the body even though it can look very awkward. This is not the case in the PSP version. You are very limited to presets to head, hand, pants, body, hat and accessories. I also kinda miss designing my menu room in the PS3 version.

The level designs are different from the PS3, it really took into consideration that this is a totally different game in comparison with the PSP. It even has a different story of it’s own, but it’s just as fun as it was before but it can be a new experience entirely. If you’ve played LBP on the PS3, it won’t be so bad to play this version too.

The problem arises when you try to create your own levels. Since the PSP has a more limited number of buttons, making your own levels can get to be pain than it was on the PS3 version. I tried making my own levels but I really got tired of trying my hand at it. But even if you don’t play around with this, at least you can download levels other people have created.

Would I recommend this to be bought? Yes, this is a good title and you can enjoy for quite a while. The single player can be short though, so if you’re not sure of getting your own copy, try borrowing it first.

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