X-In Gaming Chair

I saw this X-In Gaming Chair last week at Festival Mall. I’ve been waiting for a gaming chair that will be locally distributed here in the Philippines and when I saw this, I was really curious. Here is what happened when I tried it out on display.

I really didn’t know what to think of it at first, but they were presenting with 4 chairs and 1 of them is connected to a PS2. They were really showing it off as a gaming chair, but I didn’t know why other than it had a 2.1 speaker set of it’s own.

So, basically, this system has a line in to produce sounds in its 2.1 speakers and it also has a line out, for people who wants to use a headset or earphones. But then again, if you use the line out, the 2.1 internal speakers won’t work. It does have its own volume control which is easily accessible from the right side of the chair. You can hook up almost any stereo player like iPods, computers, TV, portable game systems and others. It seems that some cables will be provided to support any player.

This turns out to be a great system for people who has very little space at home.  It’s very small and it can fold itself which can be great to keep it or to bring it to friends.

I could not tell if the speakers are quite good or bad since we were in a mall, but I did feel the subwoofer a bit and the speakers were at the right and left side of my head when I sit down, so the sounds weren’t so bad. The subwoofer is placed at the back, so you do get to feel more bass and then some.

I wondered if I can configure it to only use the subwoofer since I really didn’t have any use for the speakers… they told me no. It wasn’t possible to use the subwoofer alone. I wanted the subwoofer only since I wanted to feel the game since I had my own speakers already.

Sitting on it was okay… it’s actually a rocking chair without the legs. I didn’t have much of a problem when I tried it out, the only thing I noticed, the demo chairs were on top of a platform to make it a little high as a normal chair. So, if you just place this on the ground, this can get very low. Like in my home, I’ve placed the TV at eye level when sitting down and I have a shelf in front of it. If I use this chair at home, it’s going to be really low and it would feel like I was sitting in front of the movie theater because of the low angle.

The configuration feels a bit sturdy, but at the same time, it feels a little hollow inside the seat. I wouldn’t know how long the chair will last, but that’s only something we can tell once we actually use it for many days or months. Good thing the seat has a 1 year warranty for parts and service.

This is not a review, this is basically a first impression of the device.

The X-In Game Chair is priced at Php9,900.

The website address in their brochure is not working, so I couldn’t get any more details. You can try calling their company Gesund Marketing and call on your own to verify details and ask where you can buy the seat.

Their phone number is (02)3032863.

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