Currently Playing: Bayonetta (PS3)


It’s been a while since I made a review, for the reason, most of the games I’ve been playing is not really my taste. Although recently, I’m playing Bayonetta which is made by the creators of Devil May Cry and Okami, although this game is a lot similar to Devil May Cry than Okami. Will this game sustain my gaming cravings or not.

The game was released early January 2010, I was able to play the demo at the time but I never got the chance to play the actual game until recently. So, here are my impressions. The story, is pretty much like Devil May Cry than it is Okami. The story is very light at first, but it does tell a lot of story (although playing through it, I just didn’t care much) and the in game voice acting is exaggerated or downright ridiculous. Most of the story is presented in moving pictures although they are rendered in 3D the characters don’t move, only the clothes or hair or something else. Although sometimes there are fully 3D animated scenes which shows ridiculous actions, voice acting and all. The presentation is interesting, but it’s really hard to enjoy it, it feels like I couldn’t care less about it. I can skip and and enjoy the game. The cutscenes in this game doesn’t give me any form of drive to continue on, it’s a good thing that the gameplay is very impressive.

Story wise, what confuses me in the game is that your character is supposed to move in several planes in the world (although we really can’t in the game), so, most of the time Bayonetta is not in our normal plane but in a way, she can affect our world at the same time. Our world and other worlds look exactly the same, but people that can’t travel through different planes don’t see Bayonetta. Bayonetta can see people though, although transparently, so you know what they are doing and what they are reacting at. There is one scene that a train crashes, after the battle, you notice people are walking by the damaged fiery train, not really reacting to it, so for me it’s not a believable world that the developers created. With so many things that happens in the different planes, I’m not sure what happened with the normal world.


At first, the loading seems very long than I’m willing to bare, but after I loaded the game the second time, it asked me if I’m willing to update the game to 1.01, which gave me the option to install and it seemed that the game loaded a lot faster now. What I liked about the loading screens between levels is that I’m given a time to practice moves, at least I don’t have to look at a boring screen or tips on how to play.

Graphically, the ingame cutscenes with animation is pretty typical, not outstanding, although the small head of Bayonetta kinda bothers me, but then again, it’s an art style. The details remind me more of Ninja Gaiden II (PS3/X360) which shows some details but somehow it all looks a little flat, very geometric, although the ingame itself is very impressive, since it’s a third person game, you don’t get into close details of objects but it’s quite wonderfully detailed when you see the environments. The level layouts are somehow unbelievable since it generally tells you to go to one direction only, but it does change after playing in a few hours. While fighting, now that’s a level of detail that is incredible on its own. Animations are fluid, Bayonetta’s dress disappears and transforms into a monster making you realize that her dress is actually her hair all along, the quick time events for some bosses are fun to watch. I can really tell you that playing this game on a visual standpoint, this game doesn’t disappoint. Although if some people wonder if I’ve ever played the 360 version for comparison, no I have not. This is a stand alone review for it and I can say that it’s pretty impressive on its own. I don’t care if Sega did it or not, I’m a happy gamer playing this game.


The controls are fast and furious, lots of combos to experiment with regardless of what difficulty you try. For new gamers, it would be natural for you to to button mash through the game, and it is likely that you’ll survive on  the easy settings since you can actually play the game using 1 hand. Pure mindless fun. But there are challenges that are difficult if you don’t know what you are doing on normal or hard. My only flaw with the controls is the camera controls, it’s pretty slow and it can get irritating at time. Other than that, the game controls are fine, fun and interesting.

The game can get very challenging on normal since the enemies are hard even the minor ones, but at the same time it is forgiving as long as you keep on playing. It’s not recommended for you to stop a game in you are in between chapters though since you have to restart all over again. It’s not easy if you are at the end of the game and you get tired and choose not to continue your game. I suggest that you rely on the checkpoint system especially if you are new to the game. What surprised me is that the easy mode and very easy mode are ridiculously easy. I didn’t play it, I just saw my brother play it. I felt cheated after playing long hours figuring out the style to beat a boss and such, and the easy modes are ridiculously easy that it feels like child’s play. If you just want to finish the game, the easy modes are for you, but if you want a challenge its better to stay on normal or higher. I tell you, the fun is on normal and higher levels, the easy modes are too easy and it won’t be as satisfying.


The game can be fun to play more than once I can admit. It’s rare to find a game like it that each game setting makes the game different and fascinating to play all over again. The game is not perfect because of the story, acting, and maybe the music, but the gameplay is outstandingly fun, from ridiculously easy and extremely hard which makes this a game for everybody who likes action. The game rewards you with things to do or things that modifies the game, like Bayonetta can wear a more skimpy suit than it originally was. Also there are some hidden challenges that you don’t always see on the first go on the game.

Would I recommend it to be a keeper or not? If you just focus on the story alone or some descent acting, you may want to look somewhere else, but it would be a nice rent for those people. Because of so much range the game offers, I actually think this is a game to keep since it can entertain a wide range of people. But If you’re not sure, heck give it a try, I’m really sure it’s pretty fun when you start on the right track.

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