Currently Playing: Falling Ball (Android)


Falling Balls is a free mini game for the Android Phone. Don’t ask me if there is an original iPhone or counterpart, I wouldn’t know.

Here is the first game review for the Android. Note that I’m playing this all on a Samsung Galaxy Spica or some may call it Portal or the i5700. What’s nice about the Android Market it has tons of free demo’s or games. I haven’t tried paying for anything yet since the phone is expensive enough for my wallet to handle.

Okay, here it goes, Falling Balls is a very easy to get game. You’ll notice that you should hold the game horizontally as you press start. You start just seeing a stick person in the bottom center of the screen. The game won’t start until you press the “play” sign. Once you press that, you’ll notice that a ball will drop from the left side of the screen. At first I didn’t know how to make a move, but later I did realize that it used the phone movements to move the stick person. Tilting the phone left or right will make the game move. The longer you play, the more balls with different speeds and bounce distance will drop and bounce until you die. That’s everything you need to know. Make your character run away from the balls, don’t get hit and survive as long as you can.


The graphics is almost non existent because of just plain stick drawn man and a circle. The only detail in the game is the textured background, and the animation is constantly moving even if the stick person is just standing on one place.

The music is fun to listen to. It immediately tells that that you have to move fast. Although the loop is very noticeable because it stops so suddenly, and restarts all over again.

As a free game, you do have to forgive that it does have advertisements. Although, I’m not too bothered with it, the ads are placed on top of the screen and it doesn’t conflict with the game itself.

Is it worth to keep? I think it’s fun enough to keep people entertained for a few minutes, but that is all. You won’t last hours playing this game unless you’re challenged to top the high score. Considering that there is no online component to this game, it seems a little pointless unless you’re trying to beat yourself or a friend at a game. But it did get me entertained for a few minutes and it is free and fun. I think It’s a keeper.

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