Currently Playing: Winds of Steel Demo (Android)


Winds of Steel is a World War II plane shooter. Surprisingly, it’s a 3D game, and it works well as far as I’ve seen. Is it a good game? Well see how it goes.


The demo alone is pretty straight forward. The controls for basic maneuvers will require you to tilt the phone left to right and forward to backward for pitch and yaw. Some aerobic maneuvers will require you to press an onscreen button on the lower left of the screen which is unobtrusive and actually works well in this case. Attacking will require you to press a “fire button” which is also onscreen. Changing weapons is pretty easy too. To think about this, the Heads Up Display is pretty adequate for the gameplay which is impressive and I really enjoyed it.


The graphics although is a bit choppy, it’s possible that the Samsung Galaxy i5900 is not up to the task for 3D rendering, so fast action is sometimes really hard to do when needed. But visually, it’s not stunning, but it works well.

As a demo, the game really does show potential. The problem is that the second mission is related to attacking the Pearl Harbor. I think they really should have tried 2 different perspectives, the developers have put a few missions, but it seems very focused on the Japanese side. This should have been okay, as long as you have also added the American side as part of the demo. Before you buy the game you kinda prejudge the game being one sided, but if you do look through the missions, it does seem that some missions do take place on other teams, although I’m not sure which.


I think the game could really be nice if they added more options and could have given a different point of view. Different vehicles in one scenario could have given the demo an interesting touch which could have made me buy the game if I had the chance. Given that this is the only 3D game that looks like a decent game, it’s hard for me to remove this from my system, but the fact that it’s a little choppy visually and being on the side that enslaved the Philippines during World War 2 doesn’t sit well too me.

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