Currently Playing: Castle Crashers (PS3)

Castle Crashers, a game created by the famous people behind Newgrounds (yes, the flash site with TONS of games and funny flash made videos) has been out for a long while now for the Xbox360, but I never had the chance to play except for the demo, which personally, I had so much fun with. Now the PS3 has been released and with some added features like the Volleyball game. Is it worth your hard earned peso?

To tell you the truth, I didn’t want to buy any PSN game for a while now, but a friend offered it to share the game with me. Something I really like with PSN, you can actually share games up to a certain limit only though. As soon as he convinced me to download it, I was excited to play the game since I really wanted to play the game for a long time now. I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about the game and I personally wanted to see how it goes.

The premise is pretty simple, 4 noble knights were having a party at the King’s castle and suddenly an evil wizard steals a great crystal which gives him tons of power and kidnaps all the 4 princesses in the process. Which obviously starts your journey to save them and the land from evil. See? It’s simple but it gets the game flowing fluidly.

First thing you’ll notice, the art style is quite fun to look at. It does look like a game you’ll see in Newgrounds, but it just feels more refined. Watching the game in high definition and is running perfectly smooth is a sight to see. These are the games that it makes more sense to see it on an HDTV than anything else. Character animations are perfect as far as I’m concerned, the quick actions doesn’t have all the needed animations but it works great. It’s really like watching a fun, a tad violent cartoon, or even gross than normal on a Saturday morning.

The music is amazing too, the composer has a done a great job on it and its also worth listening after a good game. The tunes are a mix of a lot of things, acoustic, electric, orchestral and others, but each level is fitting. If you’re not so convinced, it’s a good thing Newgrounds website offered lots of the files for free, you can listen or download them for free. It’s my new ringtone for my phone.

The game starts off you with 4 characters/knights. This actually reminds me of the classic games from the arcade like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, X-Men or The Simpsons, which is I think this game is heavily based it’s gameplay upon which is a beat em up arcade scroller. The difference is that with all those other games have a fixed gameplay from start to finish, it’s just an fun experience throughout but no progressions. This game on the other hand gives you new skills, new items, new weapons which makes it more worthwhile in the long run.

The difficulty gets a little hard when you get far, but it does seem that the game is easy to get through with a friend, which is the perfect way to play the game. The controls start our very simple and will give you pretty clear instructions from the get go, but as you progress you get added skills, combos and items to play around with. My first run through the game was with my sister and it took us a good few hours before finishing the game. The game does get easier every time you play since your character levels up permanently, as long as you play on your profile, the level status and items you collected are there with you always. The level up is fixed per character, and you can start with 4 of the main characters but it’s fun to know that you can unlock tons of other ingame characters too.

I like the addition of having to fight over the princesses when you get to save them. You have to fight with the all the other players who are playing with and it’s fun and challenging. The inclusion of the Volleyball game is fun too, seems like a better game than Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball (Xbox) too. Hehe.

After you finish the game, you’ll be overwhelmed with the items that you have but at the same time, a lot of them are missing too. Which gives you an incentive to play at it all over again, which is i think still fun to go at it over and over again. You can discover some secrets using items that you have gained in the game and try earlier levels using them.

The main problem I have with the game I suppose is actually a technical problem with the PS3 and not the game itself. What I enjoy about the Xbox360 is the ability to get multiple profiles online on one system, but unfortunately, this version of Castle Crashers can’t. Like my account shows up as dwink(1) and a friend of mine who plays on my system will keep showing up as dwink(2), even though he/she has an online PSN account of his/her own. It’s a tad frustrating especially if you’ve played a lot on the Xbox360 version.

But the multiplayer is pretty good, especially if you get online. I’ve played it on my internet connection which I have a 2mbps connection and from what I know, my friend uses a 1mbps connection and it works amazing and lag free. The status of the one who is farther is saved on the lower leveled player too, which makes it easier for low level players to catch up.

Other than that, the game is worthwhile and worth your money. The frustration is minor especially if you haven’t used a Xbox360 or don’t really have a friend to play in the same living room. If you have a PS3 and connected to PSN, which is something ALL PS3 users must do, I suggest you get this game at all costs. The game is simple and fun and anyone can get into it easily.

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