DOTA 2 is coming!

DOTA 2, it’s official. Valve is releasing the sequel to the ever popular Warcraft III Mod called “Defense of the Ancients”.

DOTA 2 will follow the elements that what made the original DOTA popular. DOTA is an action, RTS game that plays a little like tower defense, but instead of making structures, you have a hero that tries to defend your base. You only control 1 hero and a base is shared by players. You’re base will keep on making minions to protect the base, but they won’t be strong enough. You, the hero should be up to the task to keep the base protected.

It’s hard for me to completely like the game itself, I have played it tons of times but I never got into it. But I do appreciate it’s gained popularity as it has been just as or even popular as Counter-Strike and Valve is taking advantage of that.

Now, I actually thought that most of the team who made DOTA is actually working on League of Legends, which is actually a pretty good game, but follows the same structure of DOTA but has more permanent effects on the heroes you use. The more you play, the more skills you get. Considering League of Legends is a free to play game. I’m not sure what Valve is planning for their installment of DOTA2.

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