Gadget Review: Playstation 3 320gb White


We’ve got the latest version of the Playstation 3, which is the slim. I actually had no intention of getting one if my first generation PS3 didn’t break down, but it did. Anyway, what do I think of it?


I miss the old PS3 phat (the first generation ps3), which I was able to play a lot of my favorite games like Uncharted 2. Generally, I really liked the hardware, too bad that a year ago, my system got the YLOD (Yellow Light Of Death) which means that it needs general repair. I did ask around how much it would cost to get it fixed, which is around Php4000 at least, it seems like it didn’t make sense to fix it up since these people who repair it say that it would eventually break down even if you get it repaired. So, me and my wife decided to get a new one instead… in exchange we won’t get any holiday gifts for the next few months.


What do I miss about the old PS3? The power switch at the back, 2 additional USB slots, card readers, Other OS (linux) support and the PS2 hardware compatibility. There were a lot of good things about the old PS3, but after a few years, it’s hard to justify why it costs a lot. When the PS3 phat came out, the price was like Php50-60k (around $1200) a unit. Although at the time, you could justify that a stand alone blu-ray player costs around the same, so the PS3 wasn’t a bad investment. But these days, you can get one at Php14,000 (around $320), the price is very different from the past years, but it is a more reasonable value.

The body itself is not as glossy as the old ps3, and it is very light. It’s not as bulky, and the basic buttons are all there, although the old ps3 has a touch sensitive panel, the slim has real buttons. No more door that opens up to show the card readers. The updated logo looks better too, it’s more Playstation that Spider-Man… the old Playstation 3 logo used the Spider-Man movie fonts. When I turn the system on, it sounds more quiet now than before; the old one gets really noisy when it heats up. I like that they have all the ports easily accessible at the back of the system, not like the Xbox360 where if you want to use the HDMI port, you won’t have access to the audio optical out.



The PS3 functions pretty much the same as the old one, no features that stands out except for having no PS2 functionality. which I miss because I still play some PS2 games. Although just recently, Playstation Network has released some PS2 games only for download. So, it just shows that the PS3 can handle it, even it’s just emulation. My problem there is that I feels forced to buy them all over again which I don’t feel like doing anytime soon.

The XMB (Cross Media Bar) works as the main menu is scrolled horizontally, while submenus are scrolled vertically. The menu works, but it can get clumsy when you have tons of stuff on the system.

My old unit is a US version, so I’m pretty much used to using the circle as CANCEL and the cross as ENTER, but the new one is ASIAN version I have now uses it differently, the circle is ENTER and the cross is CANCEL. It can get confusing on some games, and there are times that some games don’t work properly, best example is James Bond 007: BloodStone, which is a pretty good game overall, but it was impossible to play on the PS3 because the game doesn’t register the buttons correctly. The reason why it won’t work, is because Bizzare Creations and Activision never intended the game to be released in Asia, so they never released a patch for it. Good thing this problem is rare, but I do emphasize that it can get confusing in some games and it’s hard to get over it.

I haven’t tried playing DVD’s recently, because it was what killed the PS3 phat, but I did test playing blu-rays disks. We have Star Trek (2009) and The Dark Knight, and it played great. Picture quality was clear and sound was amazing. The Dark Knight stood out because of the IMAX images which shows what really stands out on the 1080p. The only problem I have for it being a player, that the onscreen menu is a bit bothersome, though the solution here is for you to buy a PS3 remote control.

Audio is outstanding, I’m still amazed that the PS3 can output DTS in games which the Xbox360 still can’t do. Although you’ll need a good audio receiver to appreciate it all.

The controller is a little heavier, this is because of the rumble function, and they call it DualShock 3 now, just like the old controller, but the Sixaxis function is still there, even if you barely use it. I noticed that the controller senses if you it up, that the system will get out of powersaver mode. I missed that a lot from the old PS3, the weight is now perfect and the rumble is back as it’s supposed to be. The battery life is pretty good too, it takes several hours of gameplay before it needs to be recharged.


Technically, the system itself is still amazing even after 5 years, with the multicore cell processor, blu-ray drive, tons of games; there’s still a flaw in the system. They still can’t do multiple logins in one console at the same time. So if you have a friend or family that wants to play with you on the same system, he/she has to use your account to play multiplayer and he/she won’t be able to save his own trophies. I think this is the failure of Sony and the triumph of Microsoft in terms of playing multiplayer in a single console.

Overall, the PS3 still stands very good in quality and performance. The few problems like multiplayer login and the PS2 compatibility are major and you can’t let it slide because those are very significant to the system. The price as it is now, with the blu-ray player, this is a good deal, a lot better then the Xbox360 which is priced a little lower, without a blu-ray player, which makes me think if the 360 is still a worthy system considering they have lesser games as of recent.

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