Currently Playing: Dungeon Defenders (PS3)


A friend of mine told me to try this game out which was said to be originally released on the iPhone and later on the Android, now I‘m playing it on the PS3, not really sure what to expect from it since I haven’t heard from it until me friend told me about it. But sure, why not. After a couple of missions, I didn’t realize, I already spent 3 hours into the game.

Dungeon Defenders is a tower defense game, if you’re not familiar with it think of it as Plants Vs Zombies, but this time, you don’t just put in defenses, you’re also in the fight. Your objective is to protect the Eternia crystals. The game plays mostly as a strategy game, you’re given an environment to work around, you’ll see where and how many enemies will come out and attack you. Before the attack, you’re given time to get some mana to either use for your powers or setup your defenses. Once it starts, you can make more defenses, repair or upgrade them. You can also upgrade weapons and your character levels up too like most RPG games.

The strategy is pretty easy on easy mode, but it can get a little difficult on higher levels. The obvious move is to level up your character to get more experience and to buff up your character or your towers, but you can also join up a cooperative mode which is so much fun as you discuss tactics with your friends on who will fight or who will setup defenses.


You have 4 characters to choose from which is the Squire (focused on melee attack with high hit defenses), Monk (focused on both long range and melee with support spells), Ranger (focused on ranged attacks with traps), and the Apprentice (focused on magical ranged attacks with elemental long range attack towers). Each character can have a different effect and it’s interesting to use each one. What I like about the game is that you can switch characters even if you are in single player in-between waves of enemies. This feature can give you a chance to be able to use every defensive strategy that you can think of.

The controls may get a little complicated because it is an action game and a strategy game in one. Although this is a strategy game for the most part. So, you have to control your character by moving around, hitting, jumping and blocking, which are the basic movement controls. But on top of that, there is casting controls which some of them can be used on your shortcut list. The basic stuff are already provided on the shortcut list, but you can change it if desired. The reason why it can get confusing other than it being 2 games in one, is that I downloaded the US PS3 version because it’s my original account, but recently, my new unit is the Asian PS3 version, which at some parts in the game, the cancel and accept can get reversed. Although after getting used to the controls after an hour, it’s not that hard.


The graphics itself is using the Unreal Engine, which looks adequate, it’s not amazing, but it works well. The maps are not big, but there is a lot of things animating once a lot of hordes are coming all at the same time, so far in my experience in the PS3, the game didn’t stutter. It’s nice to see a lot of colors within the game, a tad overwhelming at times, but I suppose it’s not bad because your main characters are children, and you see the world in their perspective.


The music can get repetitive, but it’s not really bad. At least you know if the enemies are coming of when you are safe you just need to build some defensive towers. Sound effects are good enough, but don’t expect too much.

Generally, I’m not into multiplayer games, but I do have to say that the game is fun alone or with a group of people. I do suggest to play it with a group of people because it’s better that way. So, would I recommend it? Yes, don’t hesitate to get it, it’s a good buy. So far I’ve reached level 37, and I still can’t stop playing, even though I’ve finished all the main stages. A lot more challenges on higher levels.

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