Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the US, Black Friday Sale… these days I wish I was there.


A friend of mine from Maine called me a few minutes ago telling me about the long lines in BestBuy. Why? Because sale prices are unbelievable. He only wants to get one thing, a 42 inch HDTV, and how much?


It’s US$199! And I say “WHAT?” That’s like less than Php9,000. It’s impossible to get one at that price in our country. How in the world can they make prices that low while here in the Philippines, we’re still getting the regular prices. As in my previous post a 32 inch TV is like Php 19,000 (US$450) to 25,000 (US$580), and there in the US it’s half of that? Wow, the price is ridiculous, if that was the price of an HDTV, I’d buy one in an instant. Heck, my friend even told me that I can buy a decent laptop (not netbook) for around $100 (currently at Php4,400). He said he also plans to buy a 2Tb hard drive at $100, while here it can cost one at Php7,000 (a little less than $160) to Php11,000 (which is around $250).

Check out BlackFriday.com for the list of items on sale.

Although my friend did say that the HDTV is very limited, only 10 units are sold for each BestBuy branch. What happened when he got to BestBuy? There was a long line with hundreds of people waiting for the store to open.

Well, my friend, good luck with that.

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