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Komikasi Inc, a local Philippine game development company helped me with my marriage proposal to my wife last year called Sweet Symphony. Now, almost a year has gone by and now one of their games in out for the Android. This is a game that seems to be inspired from games like Infinity Blade, which is basically, an action game using press-swipe action. But the game’s true inspiration, is the local movie dramas.



Imagine a female actress trying to get into the ranks of top caliber stars. To get there, you have to do a fight scene with a higher rank celebrity. How do you fight? By slapping her in the face as strong as you can while dodging her attacks. You also have a lifebar and a special move meter. You can only slap once you see the button indicator on screen, but you can also slap your opponent. You can make a special move, by clicking the bar when it’s full, then you’ll introduced into a mini-game (similar to WarioWare mini games) where you you have a few seconds to figure out what to do and you either win or loose. If you are quick on your response, you’ll be rewarded by a higher hit point against your opponent.


The game has been inspired by local movie dramas which our country is pretty good in producing. Our famous female starts have been known to be Megastars, Star of All Seasons, Superstar and such, and most local movie goers wants to see how a fight will turn out if one was pinned against the other. Here, in Starstruck, is based on a fictional setting of the Philippine celebrity/movie business.


Gameplay is pretty simple since the slapping action is very redundant, but the timing can be difficult depending on who you are fighting. Dodging is also the same where timing is important. The game shows arrows on how you should move your finger to do the action, but sometimes it won’t respond because it does depend when you make the move. The mini-games are interesting, because the game doesn’t focus on one single gameplay mechanic. So far the demo is pretty straight forward, but I was assured that the game will have more mini-games, more opponents, and the difficulty will vary.


I appreciate that the game works great on a single touch Android phone (I’m currently using the Samsung Galaxy 5 using Froyo), but I presume that there is a greater advantage with a multitouch phone because some mini games will respond much faster with tapping with a couple of more fingers than just one.

There are other features in the game that will be included in the full version of the game. The Chorva mode (currently greyed out on the demo) is where you can try different features. There is “Create-An-Artista” which you can put anyone’s face into your opponent. I can imagine that this will be fun for a lot of people. There is also a “Survival mode” where you must use only 1 lifebar while you fight 8 opponents. Lastly, there should be unlockable characters where you can play the characters you fight in the game.


Starstruck is supposed to be released on the Android and iOS within this month of December 2011. The people behind the game tell me that they are constantly working all around the clock to get the full version out very soon. The official demo is being updated too and some of it’s subtle changes somehow improves the game as the weeks go by. Try it out, you can download the demo from the Android Market.

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