Currently Playing: ChuChu Rocket (Android)

ChuChu Rocket is one of those puzzle games from the Dreamcast which was simple but addicting. This game is a classic, and fortunately, it has been released on the Android phones. I’ve been playing it a lot on my free time and I can’t say I’m disappointed.

The game is pretty simple at the start of the game. It explains that you have to guide the ChuChus to the rocket, but they only automatically turns clockwise once they hit a wall. You are given a limited arrows that ChuChus will follow. Generally, the concept is very simple, and the first levels are easy to get through. But later on, the puzzles can get harder and you don’t only think of the ChuChus, they also have Cats trying to eat them.

The puzzles are challenging and fun. Sometimes it takes me minutes to hours to figure out a level. A lot of experimentation will eat up your time. One batch of puzzles are already a lot, although normal mode is easy to get once you know how to do, but it can be difficult when you reach the hard more. Once you get to the extra batch of puzzles, it can get quite a challenge, and this is a lot of them.

Challenges are puzzles that should be solved in a certain period of time. You’ll be given an unlimited amount of arrows, but you have to be quick to figure out what to do. You won’t be limited by getting ChuChus to the rocket, there can be changes in the rules, and it can get quite interesting.

Battle is a multiplayer game, which 1-4 people can play. I can’t test the multiplayer aspect, but I was able to play it with ingame AI. The idea is you try to get the most ChuChus into your rocket while others are trying the same, at the same time cats will be released and if you get one in your rocket it will cause your score to go lower. Although there is a twist where one ChuChu has some form of power up which can either good or bad for you, depending on who gets it. Sometimes the game can get unfair, but the unpredictability is the thing that makes it fun.

This game offers a lot of things and will take a lot of your time, especially for a very cheap price. This is one game that can really put your brain to the test. I’m also happy that the game didn’t use a multi-touch interface or an android more than 2.1, or else I’ll be screwed. If you like puzzles, I highly recommend getting it.

Get it here from the Android Market.

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