Gadget Review: PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset


A few months ago, Sony released one of their official gadgets for the specific use for the PS3. They announced it with a trailer that included Uncharted 3. How can we resist that? Now that I have it, let’s see how it goes.

Regarding the physical design, it looks impressive. It’s pretty simple, but elegant. I like the black design, there’s no frills or anything to distract you. The controls are seamlessly integrated within the design, that at times, you don’t know to look for it. Like the power button is just the entire side panel, it’s a good design, but if you are a person who just presumes to “wear it and it should work”, it’s not the case here. The microphone volume and the music volume is also found within the side panel, since you don’t look at the controls while using it, you should know how to use it before wearing it. The mouthpiece is easy to use too, and it also works as an indicator if it’s on, off or charging.


Regarding performance, syncing is a breeze, it barely noticed how short it took to set it up. The manual is pretty clear and you might need to set it up using the PS3, but it shouldn’t take too long. The status of the headset also shows up on screen, similar to when an online friend goes online, a window pops up on the upper right, and icons will show based on the current status. I like idea that the headset can do virtual surround, which can be impressive to hear with some games. They say it can do 7.1 virtual surround, and so far, so good.


I’ve been using it for a few months now, and I am impressed with how it sounds. Of course, Sony has been doing a lot of audio devices even before getting into the console business. So, there’s no denying that Sony didn’t skimp out on quality on this one. The overall audio quality is good, but my only problem with it is that it’s a little softer than I want it, but don’t get me wrong, the audio is clear and you can hear every detail that you need. Why? Because it covers your entire ear and it can block out some unwanted audio. There was a point that my wife was calling me, but I wasn’t able to hear it because I was enjoying being into the game. At most times, I enjoy using the headset more than my usual home theater system, because the audio is so clear. I’ve also tested if my friends hear my voice from the microphone while we played Dungeon Defenders, and so far they are impressed with the quality.


The battery can last from 3-4 hours. It’s not that bad, generally, we play games for that long on the average. But I think the genius thing about this is the balance between quality and battery life. Usually, audio is one that eats more power than anything else on the system. For them to be able to put out good quality audio for 3-4 hours isn’t so bad. I’m not bothered with the battery life, since this device is generally used at home anyway. Charging the headset after every gaming session is not going to be a problem.

Overall, I am very happy with it. It can feel a little pricey, since PhP3950 is not easy to shell out (but you can get a PhP200 discount at DataBlitz if you pay in cash). But, considering other alternatives, some high end Bluetooth devices can price the same or even more, and generally, it doesn’t sound this good. The advantage here for me is that I can play all night without bothering anyone at home while enjoying every bit of the game without compromise.

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