Thank You 2011, Hello 2012!

2011 has been interesting in a lot of ways, although most of it didn’t show up on the blog since I was busy organizing my life for the better. Anyway, here’s what I think or went through for the previous year…

I was able to restart the blog sometime close to the end of the year. Mostly because the original PS3 broke and I wasn’t able to play for several months. I didn’t think of getting a PS3 for a long time and most of my gaming fix was supplied by a friend of mine. I was able to update my PSN account but when we play multiplayer, I have to use my friend’s account. Why wasn’t I using my Xbox360 and Wii during this time? Most of it is because most good games I see are all in the PS3, but mainly it’s because I can’t find anything to play on both consoles except for a few games and the Xbox360’s power adaptor broke down. I was bored playing the Wii, I mainly use it as an exercise machine using Wii Fit Plus.

July was the most significant part of my life, because I got married. This is the life changer and I enjoy my life now because of it. What’s good about it is that I’m able to focus more on what I want to do in life rather than just following it. With a little discussion with my wife, we both agreed to get a new PS3 even though it was difficult for us because of our tight budget, and because she understood that it was part of my hobby to keep playing. Other than that, we we’re also able to focus on starting out our baking business. I also love being married because I get to enjoy some gaming sessions with my wife. She’s getting the hang of games like Dungeon Defenders, but she is more of the casual type like CastleVille.

When I didn’t have any PS3, I was still able to play some interesting games on the system like Castlevania, Dungeon Hunter Alliance, Dungeon Defenders and more (obviously focused on PSN downloadable games than retail ones). On the Xbox360, I was able to play Gears of War 3, You Don’t Know Jack, Fable III and Dragon Age II. I rarely play the PC, but it did give me some gaming fix that I was surprised to be almost addicted to. I was able to play Minecraft which is one amazing game in it’s own.

But I was able to focus more on the games when we got the new PS3 at home. Currently, I’m playing several games, some because I miss, some because they are new. Right now I’m focused on Batman: Arkham Asylum, Outland, El Shaddai, Dungeon Defenders and Dungeon Hunter Alliance.

This year I also added a new section to the blog which is movies or rather home theater systems. I’m fascinated with home theaters because of the amount of work being done to simulate the cinema experience at home. Although I have been a fan for it for a long time, 2011 is the year I decided to add it to my PinoyVideoGamer blog. I almost decided to make a new site, but I opted to stick with this because I like how PinoyVideoGamer has kept it’s place so far. Some of my old posts in the old Gameophilia website did include articles related to this (something I’m trying to put back in this website). Because of this, I’ve put a lot of movie trailers that attracted me this year. I’m thinking of adding reviews but that will come in time soon.

The first review of the year reflecting the new site is the WDTV Live Media Player. We’ll be adding more gadgets on the months to come, of course this all depends on what I hook up at home.

Because of the changes I’ve made with the site, I also changed the look of it to reflect the changes. Before the main image focused on consoles, but the new look reflects a TV remote as well, because of my interest in home theaters.

2012 is going to be interesting as well. PSVita is supposed to be coming around soon, they say it’s going to be released in January in the Philippines while in the US, it’s still planned to be released on the following month. Along with the PSVita, of course there will be a ton of games with that, but it still depends if we can write anything for it since I don’t plan to get a Vita anytime soon, but I am hoping (must play Uncharted, hehe). Mass Effect 3 is coming soon and personally, that’s something that I can’t miss out after the long investment I’ve done with the previous games. I movies, Avengers is coming, and we should be expecting something for the Dark Knight Rises, The Man of Steel. I’m excited to see Prometheus which considered as a prequel to the 1978 movie Alien but can also stand on it’s own.

Overall, 2011 has been an interesting year. Although I personally ran into some problems, but getting through it this 2012 is going to be an interesting experience overall. Thank you 2011, for giving me the wonderful moments that can’t be replaced. Hello 2012, for the new experiences that we will have.

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