Updating the site with my old stuff

If you’re wondering what happened to the site and you don’t see any updates, this is because I’m currently putting in my old posts from the old Gameophilia website. I still have some archive with some of them, but most of them are already gone. But it does surprise me how much I’m able to retrieve all this time. Surprises me how much I’ve written all these years.

I hope to be done soon. I’m hoping that most of it will be done by the week. Maybe next week I’ll have time to put in images too. Other than that, I’ve been focusing on the website my wife and I are working on. So far it’s up and running at last, but I still need to add and modify some images. Right now, I’m taking some rest from it and focusing on this one at this time.

If you’re wondering if I’m playing anything, you can check my Gamer Profile page which updates on a regular basis because it’s directly connected to my gaming accounts on the PC, PS3 and the Xbox360. But I can tell you now that I’m pretty much playing a lot of older games like these…

  • Mass Effect 2 (PS3) – I just want to see how different / similar it is from the Xbox360 version which I already finished in 2010.
  • Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (PS3) – This is the first time I’m playing it with the Trophy patch added, and I’m showing it to my wife. So far she enjoys watching it.
  • Dungeon Defenders (PS3) – just to level up my characters, so I’ll be ready when we go online with my friends.
  • Outland (PS3) – interesting game so far, reminds me of Ikaruga, only it’s a platformer and not a side scrolling shooter.
  • Batman: Arkham City (PS3) – still trying to get some trophies that I can find.

Also, I just installed Steam… after so many years since Half-Life 2. I forgot my old account so I made a new one instead. I had no choice since I don’t remember what email I used and I doubt that I still have access to it anyway. With so many passwords I’ve changed, I don’t think I’ll ever get back to my old account. Anyway, I may try some of the free games that I could install. Hey, as long as it’s free, there is no reason not to try.

I’ll try to post more soon. I have some reviews I want to put out soon, especially for movies. Happy movie watching and gaming everyone.

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